Night Rider, Hyun Hee Lee (3D)


Title: Night Rider
Name: Hyun Hee Lee
Country: South Korea
Software: BodyPaint, Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

This is my latest work called the Night Rider, which is part of the Rider series that I’ve done previously.

The title was attached so because the character is wearing a black suit.

The original design concept is a female soldier riding a vehicle, and there was a vehicle included in the original idea sketch, but I’ve decided not to include it in the final work in order to emphasize the female character.

A lot of editting has been done throughout the concept stage to 3D illustration.

I’ve especially tested the face skin heavily with Maya’s Sub Surface Scattering Shader.

The Mudbox helped a lot in modifying the face quickly.

I used Maya 8.5, Mudbox, BodyPaint 3D and finished up with Photoshop CS2.

Thank you for your interest.


Very nice work. The lighting is so nice.


Awesome work pal.


lookin good mr lee

yeah, the lighting is superb as is everything else…


I like it, the textures are very nice…the expression on her face looks a lil dull, but it somehow still fits with the image. Good work!!


Fantastic!! Beutifull woman!! Great light!! Awesome texture work!!
I love this image!! Really!!
Congratulations!! :thumbsup:


nice piece of work. i like the eyes and hair.


Excellent work :thumbsup:

Her hips seem really ‘solid’ and fleshed out. Great suit design, excellent lighting, and her face and hair are very unique and memorable - stuff like that is hard to do in CG these days.
The whole thing reminds me of the game ‘Lost planet’ a bit.

Keep up the great work


looks real hot man…


Looks really great… the only little tiny crit I have is that I wish the blackish seems on the outfit actually cut into the model a little. It would be nice to get a little more depth on the outfit and make it feel like she is really wearing it. Really great design though and I love the face and hair, especially the hair.


I feel the eyes are too bigger.

Otherwise, it is a great work, I love the hair style.


Exellent work.
This should be frontpage!


Awesome man:eek:


Amazing work. I like the suit design with its well made textures.
Nice contours. Great lighting. A pretty hair!! Is it CG?
I miss a more “soft” look on breasts: maybe the shader setup. But that’s just tiny thing. Great job!


Excellent work i`m really proud of you!


Exellent work.i`m really proud of you


Very nice! I agree that chests are bit strange, but no big deal. Really like the pose.


I love this, well done, I love the neutral expression on her face. :thumbsup:


For a full size detail


it is great !
i like her hair ,how did you make it?