Night Of Evils


this is my recent work:“Evil Time”, I’ve created it with 3DS Max 5 and Final Render Stage-1 after I’ve used Photoshop 7 to apply the demon behind the zombie skull.To create it I’ve take the inspiration watching an image of Derek Riggs.
The blood on the skull is drawing by me in freehand.Maybe the image is not much “clean” but the target that I want to achieve is to create a strong final result effect.
…what a fear brrrr

Claudio Magrì


I do like a bit of wanton horror!

The bump texture on the skull seems a bit intense though, and giving the bone some unantural bump like layers. And there’s a small grid that seems to have appeared over the skull’s lower teeth, I’m not sure if it is meant to be there, but it looks a bit wrong (would be easily corrected though!)



Hi Diablo 1000000,
thank you for your constructive comments.I explain some particulars of the image.About the bump on of the skull I have intentionally used much bump because I wanted to obtain an erosion effect compound to blood.
About the skull’s lower teeth you have right there is a small grid that it’s created with texture.However I have tried to not retouch much the image to not loosing some particulars if you look close the lower teeth the texture is for me very good (excluded the grid) :slight_smile:

Claudio Magrì


This would make an awesome wallpaper if it were 1280*1024 :slight_smile:

Very nice work, me loves it!


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