Night Hunter, Africa Mir (3D)


Title: Night Hunter
Name: Africa Mir
Country: España
Software: Photoshop, XSI

Title: Night Hunter
Name: Africa Mir Serrat
Country: Spain
Software: XSI, Photoshop

This image is titled Night Hunter, I tried to capture the ambience of the forest in the first, cold morning light.

The character is 3D, modeled in XSI and textures painted in Photoshop. The background is digital painting with Photoshop.

I would like feedback on the overall ambient but any critique is welcome, thank you.


On first view, the face of your Huntress looked like a mask to me (mostly because of the slightly fuzzy and greyish texture). Maybe it is the light, but the cheekbones don’t show at all and thus strengthens this impression to my eye. But on the other hand, I thought that a mask would fit the picture quite well and thus this isn’t really disturbing for me. But if you intended it otherwise … well. :wink:

The fact, that the picture is quite dark is fitting the mood and the fact, that I have to look a bit longer until I realize more and more details makes it more interesting. Maybe the distant background is a bit too blurry? A little bit of dirt on her might have improved realism even more (but considering the more painterly style, that might not have been your intention).

Considering lighting, modelling and posing of the character, I think you did quite well here. For my taste, a cool and early morning would need a bit cooler colors too. Maybe just toning the sky in the deep background down to more saturated colors and a slight gradient might help (but I’m guessing). Also the light, which illuminates the huntress might work better if a bit cooler and more important: more “scattert” like Light filing through foliage. As an alternative: give it the impression of a warm Light, originating from a fire - it seems to come from the floor (maybe some chemoluminescent mushroom or plant?). By giving that light a reason which might be partly visible, the overall lighting might become even more convincing.

Please don’ let yourself be carried down by my critique - as always, this is personal opinion (others are the real artists here, not me). That’s far away from a ‘bad picture’ you produced here. Keep going!

And the fact, that she might handle her bow a bit more careful (that clean elegant weapon might catch some dirt and scratches by setting it on the ground with some weight on it :wink: ) is personal opinion.


nice job i think the eviroment need a bit work dont rush in to finish the pic


Thank you so much for the feedback. I am grateful you took the time to critique constructively. I liked the idea of putting a warm light in front, it would definetively help. Some mud is missing too, that´s for sure.

I agree on the excessive blur effect on the farthest part, now that you have mentioned I see it so clearly. I think I got carried away by the painting.

About the posture, in fact it was not my intention to put her leaning on the bow, this is probably a compositing mistake on my part. It does look like she is putting weight on it now that you mention it. I am an archer myself and it hurts to think putting my dear bow to the mud like that. On the other hand, it is innevitable to scratch and stain the weapon, she is resigned.:smiley:

On the overall cool sensation of the forest, I totally agree with you, I made my best to catch the feeling but well, not there yet.

I am happy you liked the darkness level, it was an issue to me at first because I didn´t want to force the viewer, but finally mistery won the battle, and I am glad it worked.

It is true I was so excited about the painting that I rushed it a bit, maybe should have let it rest a while.

Thank you so much for the feedback, I am already planning my next image and will definetly keep all this in mind.


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