Night Elf, Max Kor (3D)


Man, you really know how to make things look real. Fantastic.


Wow! (that’s a pun btw too, har har) How did you manage to do the eyes? HDR reflections? I wouldn’t say this is perfect, but pretty close to it. [edit the metal is right on, just not wild about the wood material] Congrats on the top row, its well deserved. Btw I’m heading out to Israel in December.


i should have knowm it was u! i loved your last render and this is just as amazing! great job!


WOWOWOWW AMAZING, i do belive this is worthy of an exotique entrance if i do say so my self… 5 STARZ MAN GJ


Wireframe pls !!:bounce:

That face is so totally perfect! Like your ‘Final Battle’ Max, this one is a keeper! Brilliant effort and nice to see you have used your free-time to such tremendous effect.


This is really great job…I am really wonder about wireframes and shading networks…This is really really good job…Congr… :buttrock::beer::arteest:



She is so realistic. Great job. The overall composition is great. Definitely 5 star work.


Very beautiful work, my friend. Congratulations on the top row position.

There are several things that I particularly like about this image which others haven’t commented on yet. One is the texture of the paint on her face. I like how wet and glittery it looks - it contrasts nicely with her skin.

Another detail which impresses me is the hair. Its wild appearance is nicely modelled. You say that it is simply textured planes. If so, how were all the loose strands created? Did you draw them in by hand as post process? Or did you use some other method? Peace,

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I want her!


another WOW for this one :smiley:
Very clean, absolutely awesome ! frontpage asked, frontpage obteined ! very sad that you’ve can purpose this one to the Blizzard contest.


Amazing work! Really great! Can we see the wireframe? …and may be the textures?


everything is suberb at least. her hair uses planes? unbelievable :shock: whats your secret?!


love the night elfs


Exelent job indeed, fantastic render, is realism perfect, but how long of work?


those eyes look incredible…well done!:applause:

I also have to second sanhueza’s comment about the glitter.that looks great…would love to see wat kind of spec,reflect map you made for it.

top shelf work!:thumbsup:


SHIT!!! 6 Stars!!!


Oh my, he did it again…!

Man impressive work, and you manage to go farther thae your Final battle image, this one is even more realistic, her eyes are truly real…fantastic. keep up the great work


i am speechless…
truely awsome masterpiece…
can we see some making-of of her…
just beautiful:thumbsup:


It’s really amazing work !!


woow,very fantasy

i like your work