Night Elf, Max Kor (3D)


This is an amazing artwork, I especially love the colours used.
At first when i looked at it i thought, yeah that’s a great photo…but…i had a look at your article on how it was done and i thought WHAT?
This is amazing and so reallistic.
Well done…a huge fan here!!!


Beautiful work, congratulations. It really is one of those moments were you have to do a double take when you realise this is actually a cg image. :slight_smile:


Oh my god … …
I’ve fallen in love!


Realy Amazing!! Your Artwork gave me the motivation to pushing me harder to work on my poor Maya Skills.


Not a real fan of World of Warcraft, but this looks gorgeous. great textures.


Well done, it’s beautiful. But it just looks like an ordinary person with “Night Elf” ears. A real “Blizzard” Night Elf… archer, would have purple lips, glowing purple eyes and look a bit more fantasy like. If the eyes were more “slit” and maybe a little more abstract then I would say this picture is awesome. I see plenty artists doing “real” people, but when you combine fantasy with reality and still get a pic like this to look lifelike/real then that’s brilliant. I dont think you could call it a “Warcraft” Night Elf, but that’s just me.
Maybe just change the lips and the irisis to purple.

-Nice work.


superb work. I’d like to see what you’ve been up for the past 4 years.


Aww man, my heart stopped for a second there coz she looks like my ex girlfriend :stuck_out_tongue:

Super realistic man, love it! :slight_smile:


Congrats. This is just an incredible work… What software did you used? I am learning!


I think she looks like Jessica Biel. I wonder if her face was used as reference?


:applause: GREAT JOB!!!
I just had one problem with it. The Mouth is way too awkward and “Mechanical”

I truly love this work you have created but the Mouth is distracting and falls into the Uncanny Valley a bit. Other than that, she is definitely SEXY! :drool:


amazing work great output.


I come back just to stare at the beauty of this image and wonder if I will ever be able to create something even close to this. It is definitely one of may favorite 3d works that I have seen over the years. :drool:


With time and practice you’ll get there :wink:


Firstly, superb image and thank you for posting the tutorial and textures too! I have a couple of questions though if you have time…

  • what texture do you use in the diffuse colour slot? You show the overall colour, epidermis, etc but the texture used in the ‘diffuse color’ slot seems to be missing.

  • I notice you use maps in the Reflect weight and Reflect shinyness slots. I have tried putting textures in these channels before, and it never works. It just reacts as if there is a flat white texture in the slot. It only seems to work with numerical values. Have you had this problem too, and are you doing anything different to make it work?

Thanks - Look forward to seeing your next image!


This is excellent. You have done an incredible job in modeling and texturing her face. She looks genuinely real. 5 stars


Are you serious!?!?!?!?! :surprised


This is fantastic! Hats off!


Simiply amazing. The contrast in light is outstanding! Well done.


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