Night Elf, Max Kor (3D)


Title: Night Elf
Name: Max Kor
Country: Israel
Software: Maya, mental ray

I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t participate in the Blizzard fan art contest
(being a big fan of the Warcraft series… well, that and I had some free time and
a woman model lying around from some other work, that I could just paint violet
and make her ears longer )
so I made an elf anyway and showing it here…

used misss_fast_skin by Master Zap

The hair is just some planes with textures.

C&C are most welcome.


Wow. very impressive! The eyes and skin are very realistic. No crits from me.


WoW! Incredible work, she looks awesome. Very realistic. 5stars:thumbsup:


I do not believe this is a CG Character, I think I have a lot to learn from you
5star from me:bounce:


wow the face looks so realistic
5 star 4 you :wink:


Really amazing work. The contrast between the skin and metallic materials is very nice. The eyes are great. To me, the background looks overall a little too blurry. It would be nice to see a bit more of a depth blur, so there was just a touch more detail in the lower foreground. But I’m just splitting hairs. It’s a great image.


Wow! Amazing job on the face. Beautiful eyes! And you gotta teach me how to make my eyebrows defy gravity like that. :smiley:


front page stuff ! :thumbsup:


that face looks fricken real man, the ornament should get some attention too…


Most incredible image I’ve seen in a long time, everything is perfect! So realistic! 5 Stars


beautiful work…I agree with everyone…it is worthy of 5 stars…Toss up a wireframe would ya. :slight_smile:


Wonderful work man! Speacialy the eyes are perfect!
Congrats! 5* for me!


Incredible! :applause: I’m not a Warcraft fan but could you post a big, hi-res version of her. I want to put her to my desktop.:bounce: Great job!


yehoooooooooooo realy nice job
masterwork:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


OMG! this is incredible! i can’t stop looking at her! :eek:
realism+beauty make this piece frontpage-worthy !


Congratulation man, you did an awesome job.

The eyes and mouth are very expressive and the skin shader works perfectly.





Amazing, wonderful, incredibe work!! :eek:
I love her!! :love:
Great!! :thumbsup:
5* from me


This is beautiful :applause: , congratulation on finishing this amazing work.
I dont get it, ppl give this thread under 3* and even less,
those ppl must have some kind of disease related to their eyes[monitor maybe], go see a doctor.
5 * from me, cya on the front page m8.


wow amazing! i thought it was a photo first. the skin shading and the subtle bump is so perfect! 5 stars!:thumbsup: great modeling too.

used misss_fast_skin by Master Zap

can you show us the shading network of share any helpful info?

my only crit is that the shadows casting on her upper chest from the ornaments look a little too much. thats the only thing that gives it away as cg IMO.


Congrats Max

Your brother has hinted me that you hav’nt totally vanished from the 3d scene. I knew I could tell when you decide to publish it by CGS’s front page :slight_smile:

I have some minor crits here and there but I gotta say this is AWESOME !
Excelent work on the eyes and the skin shading !