Night Archer, Dmitry_gavrilov (2D)


Hello, friends.
I glad post here my new artwork for you examine it.
I always dream to creat a fantasy story as writer, but…
Anyhow - one illustration I have.
Please say what do you think about my Night Archer.
Maybe , you imagine your own story when watch my picture?

Photoshop 7

(and excuse me for my bad english)


and here


Cool! i like the pic…but what is he doin? and perhaps u can detail the background a lil…Great job!

Cheers! :beer:


VERY COOL!! :buttrock: :buttrock: It has a wonderful sense of mystique and atmosphere. I love it.


great, I love the atmosphere, composition, colors…
:thumbsup: painter?


ugh… i dont understand…you have 3 responces to your artwork. that picture is truly incredible i think. reminds me of the …“warlock” from the game D2. wow that has such a warm professional look to it. that is really something. that should be front page material imo. im guessing this dont have a lot of replies …yet. that is becaue cgtalk has SO much stuff poster here every hour things that are amazing often slip by i think…


It is an excellent painting, very beautiful, very deep.
That tells something.
It is beautiful!
Thank you!:applause:


This picture is just oooozing with atmosphere, a very nice job.
It looks excellent and deservers a Yowza!




I really like the atmosphere and style of the painting.

Just two little things:
In my oppinion the hands are a bit to small in comparison to the head and i would make the snowstorm thicker, its a bit weak and spotty at the moment.

Great painting

  • Peter


I like your style!! very nice!:applause:


Oh? thanks , friends!:surprised


This is an awesome image. Nice attention to detail with the reflection of the light off the snow . . . Nice touch. It looks like snow is rolling off the archer as he walks through the thick snow blowing over him, yet again, nice touch.

The image gives me a feeling that there is a strong wind present with snow blowing through the air and that our friend is struggling to get some where.

Full of atmosphere! I dig it. I am looking forward to more of your work . . .


wow–love the colors, the character really gets my imagination going. awesome work!!


Definatly outstanding! This is truly one of my favorite pieces I have seen on this forum. Thanks you for sharing this one Dmitry! :beer:


Wow ! It’s very wonderfull work!


Oh, thanks


Nice work!!! :thumbsup:


:thumbsup: great job :slight_smile:


I have been inspired, thank you.


Truly amazing work. Do you have a higher resolution of the painting? I’d love to have it as my desktop background.


Originally posted by Pharaun
Truly amazing work. Do you have a higher resolution of the painting? I’d love to have it as my desktop background.

Maybe? look here