I’d like to share this goodie:



That was great! Did you work on that? It was creepy, but then video game worlds usually are. Excellent work.


That was great! I got a kick out of the Commodore banner at 0:53 above the subway entrance. I did the VIC20, C64, Amiga 500, Amiga 1200, Amiga 4000 route before making the jump to the PC, and played most, if not all of those games.


the pac man on the subway monitor made me laugh out loud…

very well done…


Excellent Animations.

Fun concept as well.


Nice indeed, thanks for sharing Jens. I sent the link to all my friends…


That videoclip is awesome. The parts I enjoyed most are the Tetris effect on buildings and those naughty Pong paddles. And the old 8bit/16bit brands: I remember the era, agonizing on buying a Macintosh LCII vs. an Amiga to achieve more than 256 colours at once on the screen. That, and my trusty ZX Spectrum.

Old-style space invaders always make me warm and fuzzy inside: they look so innocent! :smiley: For another take at the retro theme take a look at these: and


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