nice day ! made in photoshop


ok guys this is my first post hope you like it plz feel free to tell me what you think! made in photoshop !


100% Photoshop? Pretty good :slight_smile:

It needs something of interest though. Looks like a backdrop


The sky is interesting.
Is that from a photo?
It looks like the grass was done in a 3d program.
Technique please?


yap i made it in photoshop i ues a lil part of a pic to get the grass looking reallu nigth and some of the grass is photoshop anyways so no 3D program i don’t know any 3D :frowning: i know sad but i try to do my best in 2D and yap hope it looks good thanks guys


That looks like a photo to me… :shrug:


Yes technique please…



ok if you don’t believe me here is the real picture


hi there,

Nice pic. How did you do the clouds?

The second pic you posted: Is it reference or you just copied from it?

Some more explanation and technıque plz


Ya I need to see some technique and layers to beleive that this is 100% photoshop.


the one i made in photoshop is at the top and the real pic that i make the photoshop oe is the next one what would you like me to take off some of the layer ad show you ? )i’ll do that take off some of the grass and some of the clouds just to shower you (how i do it it is my thing)


ok hope this help plz made it halp and believe now i think i may have yo give you the PSD file lol


(how i do it it is my thing)

geuss I’m missing the point …

why are you showing us this if your not interested in showing the technique?

not to be harsh or mean about it… but…



it’s just up to you ever thing is in photoshop just need ot sit down and make it there isn’t a technique and if there is i should be you need to know about photoshop i don’t know what mre to tell you hope you’ll enjoy my work thanks

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It is not a bad job at all.
I like the brushing job you did for the clouds however, i believe the grass can be cleaned up abit.

Great job otherwise


thank man one preson believe i made it hope you (rate the pic)




Hahaha I get it now, before I thought you were saying you created it 100% in photoshop, you should’ve been a bit clearer on that. But now I get it, you just heavily edited a photo. It’s a good job too. :thumbsup:


like i said it was just the grass at the front is real i take out the background and i makde my own sky ever thing but the grass at the front :slight_smile:


i would just take out the real grass and put iin one from photoshop but i just thought it would look better with tht grass but i’lltry and see if i can’t do that some itme today and post it :):):slight_smile:


That’s funny, I thought the grass was the fakest looking part lol I think somebody before mentioned that to…that it looked very “cg” lol