Nice Car


I was really sad to see the Camaro’s production come to an end. I hope this kids imagination brings it back.

"The next generation Camaro does exist, if only in the mind of one incredibly talented teenager…

Budding designers take note, Horton’s creation was shaped not with grease pencils and stencil paper, but on computer with a student version of a program called Softimage XSI (by Avid)…

To see such talent at a young age is unusual."

GM needs to stop thinking with their wallets, and MAKE THIS CAR! Take lessons from this guy. His talent is impressive. I wonder if he visits this forum.


now that is some good stuff. just think if they put that into production that kid will be like yeah i designed that.


from the article:

Jim Warren: It doesn’t look like there’s anything that couldn’t be productionized on this model.

Is “productionized” even a word? If that’s a word, then how about “creationized”?


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