nhmChallenge thyn


Hello evrybody :slight_smile:
Finaly i`ve get enough courage to join the contest. This is so exciting :applause:
Good luck to all and … May the Force be with you :slight_smile:


welcome and may the force be with YOU


Is the force no longer with us? :slight_smile:

  • Dave.


Oh but it is :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay … and this is my first phase - the clean plate

hope i did it well


wow man! the plate now is so clean!
Really amazin job!

Could you tell us how you did it please?
Thanks man!



But i have the same problem with the right side pillars. If i clone the top part to down it has a perspective problem.

What will you do with the plate? What kind of envirement will you create?


Yeap … i`ll see if i can use some 3D to solve the problem…
I think it will look better when the extendet image is ready.
Have no idea what will do next :slight_smile: Still sketching


Here is phase 2 - extendet image
Maybe i`m not allowed to change the perspective… If so i can upload the original “untransformed” image …

and here is version with corrections…


Nice ‘lights out’ effect, though the wall lamps above the stairs are still on.
Your 4th and 5th wall extensions are stretching too rapidly and too much for their positions compared to the original wall sections.


Quadart: you`re right… i have this problem when i follow the lines of perspective

first try for scatching…


Hi guys…
This is my last idea of the “future concept”…
Many years from now, the humans are no more, our world is frozen, but this ancient place is found by another civilizaton and protected from total destruction…


are u planning on making it this overcast?
i mean it’s a bit bright…


Sure… this is just a quick paint… i mean i`m not even sure how it will look in the final version


I don`t know should i post the final image here … If not - sorry for the double post


Nice matte! Good luck!


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