nhmChallenge sorin bechira


And here’s a small update based on changes suggested and some more tweaks…damn it is so hard to work at 4k res…had to reduce the working size at 2k :(…it is now almost final…still I am open to any suggestions. here is the pic:


Looking good. This has that dreamy, early cinematic look with the dark vignette.
One crit. The vines on the roof arches should be hazed back to match their surroundings. Right now they appear to be part of the foreground flora.—My initial perception.


u’re right of course…stupid me :smiley: . I will change that asap. Thank u for your observation.


Still looking good. :thumbsup: The only thing I think I’d change would be the level of haze on the building, putting it half way between the solid foreground and the more hazy backgound, so the museum won’t look “fused” to the ruins.
Looks like you’re almost done. :slight_smile:


Thank u Sonia. I hope I managed it in this update :expressionless:
I made some fog and backgrund adjustments, and also reworked some foregrund elements…and I think it is coming very close to the final shot…I have to make a barke for a couple of days to look at it with fresh eyes:


Yep, it’s a bit more defined now. :thumbsup:


Thank you Sonia for your feedback.


Great lighting in this, very moody, and very nice background also, it really feels like the building is sitting in a ruined city.


I love this one mate, a place I would like to visit.




looks cool! it could be used in a movie, very realistic! My crit: over the steps need to be more darken because the light comes right (maybe behind the building).
And what kind of chains are on the roof pillars?


I love this, I agree with quadart on the early cinematic look it has. I keep waiting for dracula or the wolfman to jump out at me. Great stuff :slight_smile:


great one sorin I love the fantasy film look you give the final image

nice background elements and overall concept good luck on the finals !


I agree that its very photoreal. Great work, Sorin.


wow. thank u all! I’m so happy that u like it.


Excellent work, the choice of having the ‘camera’ sit behind all those vines/bushes/foliage was excellent, really gives you a feeling of discovery. Very nicely constructed. Congrats!


Thanks Keating! I’m happy that u got the feeling.


I like it. It looks really great. Congratulations!


Thanks Calligrapha! Nice to see u here.


Good luck for the judging, man :).


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