nhmChallenge sorin bechira


Hi all! And first of all, GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!
This is my first challenge on this forum. I will try to do my best with this one…but I have a very busy schedule so I’m moving veeeeery slowly. Hope to finish it in time.


Here is my wip for the first stage:

wip01 (cards, people, reflectors and lights are removed from the upper side):


wip02: main stairs and teh left part refined, lighting change for arcades (since the reflectors are gone)


I just finished clening he plate. Hope it looks like a clean one. :smiley: Since I’m a noob at mattepaint, any suggestions are welcomed. I will try to do learn a lot from this contest since I’ve seen that there are maaaany good works so far…I can’t wait to see the rest of it.:bounce:


Nice one Sorin, looks good to me, and well documented :slight_smile:

Onto the next stage now, extending the plate.

  • Dave.


Thank you Dave. I tried to be accurate on this one, just to force myself to have more patience on cleaning the plates.

Plate extension will be fun for shure.


Hey there…good luck! Glad to see another romanian here. :thumbsup:


glad to see u too, Grrrrrrr. Hope we can manage it …coz there is a damn good challenge. :smiley:


After all I managed to do some kind of…set extension. Hope it looks good enough. :smiley:
I updated the set extension and tried to fix the problems (hope that all are fixed now)


The best extension I have seen in this challenge so far. Must love the pillars on the right side and the stage they are standing on! Just 3D?
And the haze gives a nice atmosphere.


The best cinematic look so far, but I see some perspective errors in the extension.
You get great scale with those columns.


Looking very nice, love the pillars, did you reference the left side for this? well done. I’d be tempted to leave the mist until the very end, tends to be one of the last elements to be applied.

Keep it up :slight_smile:

  • Dave.


Yea great progress there bechira. One or two little perspective issues to fix as mentioned about but other than that you’re all set.


Love the pillars :slight_smile:


Nice work on the cleaning part. I like the way u have done the little blur on the front column in the step2. the perspective probleme is not to visible and will i think be hidden in the step 3.

Good luck !


Thank you for your support. This was my very first interior set extension. :smiley:

@ SpetsK: nothig is 3d here. not for now.
@ Inlakechh: yap, I have some perspective errors, but last night I was so tired, I just couln’t see all problems. Now I see them and I’ll fix them.
@ everlite: I looked on google for reference images, but not used them. Just trying to be accurate on this one. The fog layer is just a round, soften , 20 % opac brush. I just couldn’t help it. :smiley: It is not flettened, so I can remove it to work without it, but since it was my first set extension on this scale, I lost my patience and tried to make it more atmospheric from now. :smiley:
@ Cameo: yap. I’ll fix them.
@ Lvy00: glad u do. :slight_smile:
@ dominikmk: thnk you.

Now comes the real fun part. But still I just can’t destroy such a beautiful building. I hope in 1000 years from now this building remains the same. :thumbsup:
I will try to go for with the theme and try to find a nice nature integration.


well done sofar, but i dont think the bent pillars are such a good idea :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I agreee thi s is the best looking so far, with issues you will fix I think, but yeah I can’t wait to see some painting on it, go ! go ! go !


Wow. It’s an honour to see Levi Péterfi and Jaime Jasso on my thread. Thank you for your support. I will fix the problems and make sketches for my concept asap.

Just to share with you my ideea: I will try to give it desolated look, but also keep it as an interior scene, not an exterior one. I was thinking to show some signs of another usage of the building also. Let’s say that in the future it will serve as an religious building, and have some wierd symbols and signs on it. :smiley:


Working on step 3 now. Here is a little update. Working on the floor and front pillars. Building will fall slowly :smiley: