nhmchallenge_Matt Ellis


I am in! now lets get rocking the canvas!!

Good luck everyone and have fun :smiley:


(reserved for updates)


Hey man, you’re the first poster! cool :thumbsup: glad you’re on board.

  • Dave.


Oh I hope I can finish this one . Right now I am in the middle of getting my character concept art together for a possible job. So I dont know how much time i will have to work on this but I am in none the less :smiley:

P.S my necklace that i havent taken off in 3 years just broke while typing this! not a good sign! ahhhhhhhhhh



goode luck, man. i guess we are all in the same boat.
i have to be designing my ass off all day and now i signed up for this :smiley:
who needs sleep anyways. my gf’s gonna kick my…
anywayz, hope you get it done and have some fun with it.


Hey mate, don’t worry, you have around 6-7 weeks (at that point i usually sh*t myself :wink: key thing is with work that has a deadline, be realistic in what you can achieve in that time and don’t over sell your vision (by attempting something that would take longer) :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about your necklace, hey maybe it’s a good sign, set yourself free, un"chain" imagination …? ok that was laim :slight_smile:

  • Dave.


yay good luck!!! so did u ever get those dvd’s or whot?


Milan: haha yeah I think you should just bring your computer into the bathroom and just tell your girl that your sick for the next while! we will get er done thou! we dont need sleep like you said.

David: yeah being realistic is the plan , nothing over the top. Just making a good composition for myself right now is key.

Ismini: thanks and no dvds yet. Thou they are on their way and should be here within the next week I figure. Damn now that you got me thinking about it thou , I hope I have enough time to watch some of those and get this done! Think its time to ask Alp Altiner how he found more then 24 in a day. Hes just crazy.

So here is mine so far. I started it lastnight and worked on it a bit tonight. I think I will call this done for getting rid of the people and signs etc, since I will be distroying most of it when I come up with the composition.

Cheers :smiley:


Great attention to details. :thumbsup:


Hey thanks Chih :smiley: I just noticed a few odd curves that I will fix up right before I head to bed tonight aswell , the left railing etc :smiley: Then It will be time to set up a composition and the real fun will start , cant wait!


i really like how you’ve done the sort of shadow/reflection on the floor. was that just hand painted?


good work mate!

but is that a person to the most right? :slight_smile:


wow, yeah. your clean plate is really…clean! nice floor there.


Looking good mate, i like how you picked up on the bottom step and have it going around the pillars, nice one.

  • Dave.


Peter: thanks man , all I did for the floor was create a a layer and added noise , with a flat color over lay on top , then a new layer with hand painted reflection , then I just added a quick vertical motion blur to straighten it up.

Levi: thanks dude. Shhhhh you see no one! :wink: nah haha I total missed that , I will clean it up tonight. BTW wheres your entry?!!?

Thanks Milan :slight_smile:

David: Thanks mang , yeah when i first started painting over that first pillar it cought my eye and thought " ahhhh Fu*% now I gotta try and do that on the other side"



hey dude, nice you are in aswell.
Looking good so far …


Thanks Marco :smiley:

Here is a quick sketch before I head to work. I will try out some other ideas when I get home tonight.



I like this one, great idea for the river !

Perhaps you could add some open area in the background…



That’s pretty cool. Not much left from the original but I’m not sure is that the purpose, to extend the image or just extend the canvas. Would be nice to see such like your sketch. I’ll stop painting for now so no tempo, tempo, and you can catch me :stuck_out_tongue:

Waiting to see more :slight_smile:


this is a nice composition and concept , maybe you should leave more ruins to keep the architecture and main idea , some foreground ruins would help as well and would give depth to the composition


Yeh i agree mate, really nice concept but try and pull the original plate back a little :slight_smile:

  • Dave.