nhmchallenge Mark Goldsworthy


Hello, can I join the clean plate club?

I must admit this part was a challenge!

I ended up painting most of the additions with some cloning of the vertical stone work.


Looks good Mark. I ended up doing mostly paint work myself. Looking forward to seeing your concept!


@rustbucket - Hey thanks man!,

I started on the extension. A fair bit of work left to do before the crazy stuff starts!
I took down the self illumination as much as I could. Also removed the signs. I need to take out those speakers on the right.

Good luck everyone!



okay, here’s the finished extender plate. Those overhead supports were a bit of a nightmare what with the perspective shifts.


and I started work on the concept. I want it to feel really hot and dusty in there what with all that sand. I want to have some coming in through a broken section of the glass and maybe other areas of the roof. I might put some pools of water in there too. Anyway lots of work to do.




Great lighting and atmosphere! :drool:


Wow…really wow. Great going! I love it…


thanks for the feedback andreasrocha & SoniaNotRed!




That is sweet as heck , Love it :slight_smile:


damnit man! that looks awesome!
I love the colour and feel, it has a “loud” silence to it.
reminds me of a book i once read as a child called something wicked this way comes, and it was about 2 children who lived in a museum that was filled/filling with dust and sand. It was set in a post apocalyptic future…in fact i think it was set in london too :surprised
it was a strange creepy book.

I’d love to know how you went about doing what you did. is most of it hand painted? did you get photos and mix them into the plate? I’m trying to understand how people are making these amazing works :wink:


Great going mark! sick concept. I think that the back wall needs some light hitting it from some of those windows. Might help establish a nice focal point :smiley:




yeah, that looks awesome. like everyone said.


Ivy00 - thanks for the great comments!

Matellis - yes! great idea. I will be putting some back in there. it might be nice to have it hitting a bunch of ruined debris. The statue with said light hitting it would work for the focal point. Thanks for the ideas!

Layer 01 - I used a photo of some dunes for a starting point. I then warped and distorted it to fit the comp. I then painted ontop of that to get the shapes I wanted. Then I added texture and detail on top of that to give it the look of sand as by that stage it had become very soft.



ahh you tease ha ha I thought you were posting an update… guess I better be patient :bounce:


nice ! I like that concept a lot, you’re working very good with the details and lighting, I think it needs lots of work yet , but you have a nice start here, keep it up!


I really love where you’ve gone with this. All that sand provides a wonderful opportunity to plant some of those half-buried dinosaur bones in there to provide some visual interest! Another thing you might want to try to bring an element of storytelling to the composition is to show the semblance of a bush (perhaps in the pool of light you’ve suggested in the foreground) struggling to take hold in this arid environment to suggest the tenacity of life (despite horrible cataclysms, life will go on - or something to that effect). I would avoid any indication of water since this would detract from the bleak drama you have depicted.

Great work - I really can’t see what’s coming next!


I love this one … great idea mate ! And what a colors …:bounce:


How can a concept look so good? it’s an inspiration. I can’t wait to see the final! :slight_smile:


Hi! I’ve managed to get some more done. I still have a bunch to do Gotta sort out them sand dunes far back and center and top left. I want to have the sand coming out of every little slit. Sand in the air and some little sandfalls (you know like waterfalls) Tired now 1am…

@ jamesvfx yes it was hard finding time to sit down and work on it but I did get some done finally! It’s funny I keep thinking about this piece all the time!

@mmontoya that’s a great idea! I love it. I’ll see if I can work it in. Thanks. Oh and the water has gone.

@thyn Thanks my man!

@bonniedickson hehe this is the final now! I still have a lot of tidying up to do and a whole lot more work besides but it’s coming together. Thanks for the wonderful words.



Nice update!
Its great to see these WIP’s because they help me to understand how these types of pictures are built :slight_smile:

But to be honest i think i prefer the first picture.
I prefer the warm yellow lighting, i think it makes it look hot and stuffy…and makes me feel like its difficult to breath. The colour in this one doesn’t do that to me.
I also think this one is getting a bit busy and masked in textures…
I liked the simplicity of the first one, and its soft silent curves…it feels very quiet, this one seem noisy and active, i like the stillness in the first…
Perhaps the sand-falls should be smaller and more subtle?

I’ll be interested to see how you take it from here, but those are my honest thoughts on the new picture.
Though dont get me wrong its looking great!
keep the updates coming :slight_smile: