Hi! This is my first time participating in a Matte Painting Challenge. I am impressed by how great so many of the entries already look. I would appreciate any feedback, I hope to use this challenge to improve my skills.

Bonnie :slight_smile:


Does anyone know how I can post my work in progress jpg? I’m a new member and it says I am not allowed to post attachments in my posting rules.
Bonnie :slight_smile:


Here is my Stage 1 - Clean Plate:
If I had more time I would tweak the floor perspective, but I plan to cover it in stage 3.



Here is my Stage 2 - Plate Extension
I’m still struggling with a concept for stage 3 but I have a few ideas.
I’ll post a wip when I have one.


You missed the lamps on left but other than that it sure looks “clean”. :slight_smile:


hey bonnie it looks nice :slight_smile: You can use photobucket.com or villagephotos.com as an image host. Both of them are free and work well.


Here is a quick concept idea


Thank you for the feedback so far and please keep it coming :slight_smile:

I wasn’t sure if the lights had to be removed, I thought it would still be alright to show that the building existed in our present time, but I was planning to turn them off for stage 3, since there won’t be electricity going to them at that point.


Hi , well I some some issues that you can improve , perspective on the background is off, also for composition the museum main stairs are too much to the right , try to bring them more to the center, I know there’s nothing on the right of the photo left but this is part of the challenge , try to extend it to the right as well


Thank you so much for letting me participate in this challenge. I learned a lot just from the first two stages. It was fun to create a clean plate and then extend it. I wish I had the time to finish stage three and there are some things on the extension that I would have liked to have revised, but I won’t have them finished in time for June 2nd deadline. I will continue it on my own time.

Thanks again and I look forward to learning more and participating in more matte challenges.


I dont’ know if it helps but it seems we now have 4 extra days. Still, even if you don’t have the time to finish it for the contest, you should keep on working on it just the same, keep on posting. If nothing else, like everlite says, you’ll have a good new adition to your portfolio. :slight_smile:


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