nhm - FINAL ENTRIES post here


Mark Goldworthy’s WIP: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthr…?f=196&t=488040

Link to final high res version: http://mgoldsworthy.com/nhm_challenge_plate3kSand3.jpg

A text version of the above can be downloaded here: http://www.capturefx.co.uk/web/nhm_results.doc


It was a really nice challenge and I learned a lot. Thank u all for your help.
Here is a link to my wip thread: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=196&t=486077
Here is my final submission -edited my entry to show only the final step and at a w res of 1400px but the original work size is 3k wide- (if we must submit in another format or size please tell me and I will update it):

good luck to all! :wink:


Here is my final, good luck everyone :slight_smile: This was quite fun

Here is the link to my WIP thread

made some last minute changes to the background, here is updated final image


hi guys, i don’t know if this is the right place for this question, but how do you add the image to your post? I know it’s probably a stupid question, but using the “attach file” i can’t upload a large file…max 96kb…



Hey guys,

Please only upload your final entry to this thread, no need to post wip, your individual threads will show this.

Try to keep images linked into this thread at a reasonable size, around 1024 in width, for high res i’d recommend posting a seperate link for viewing.

bechira any chance you can crop your image down to the above recommendations? :slight_smile:

Regarding posting images, personally i use a dedicated server but other people use websites such as flickr.com i think which support hot linking. Could be wrong. Maybe someone else could recommend an alternative?

Please feel free to ask any questions.

  • Dave.


Actually alt the above, 1400px width seems a good size looking at the above.

Might also be good to post a link to your individual threads too.

  • Dave.


Ok no problem, I will post only the step3 final work, but I thought that step1 and step2 is also judged by the jury. Seems that I was wrong of course. :smiley:


No, wip wont be judged, they’re just requirements of the brief. The final judgement will be based on the final matte painting only with focus on a set list of criterias such as use of composition, creative direction, ability to interperate the brief, realism etc …

Cheers - Dave :slight_smile:



Here’s my entry. have been fun doing this challenge.

This is my WIP : http://www.colorzync.com/cgchallenge.html


ok, I’ve finally found a way to upload my image…thanks everybody for the support!now, another little question:) …what about the animation?


This is my final entry, this has been fun and a steep learning curve.



Here’s my final matte.
Here is the link to the full size image:


Here is my WIP link:



Hi Dave, is it ok to post the animation as a link to a “youtube” page?I’m wondering how to upload the movie…is there a limit for the resolution?


hi guys, here is my final entry…thanks everyone for critics and suggestions!



and this is a link to a preview of the animation…I still need to find a way to upload a better an bigger version…any suggestion?



Well, here’s my final entry. I’ve tried my best to color correct this. Still not sure what the deal is with that but I /think/ this should look okay. Also, I’ve included rain in the pic, ( I can provide a rainless one if the judges would prefer ) because I probably wont get to do the animation. Anyway, thanks for looking. Good luck everyone, these entries all look excellent!

Here’s a link to my WiP thread:



Hey guys, here is my final entry…will post camera projection too.
:thumbsup: All the best.
Here is link to my WIP:


Hey guys, here is my final entry…will post camera projection too.
:thumbsup: All the best.
Here is link to my WIP:
Here is the link to camera projection:[best quality available to me:sad:]…for some reason the colour appears very dark on some monitors.

 Here is the link to a really high res version:



I’m afraid I didn’t get chance to work on my entry past the cleanup stage, work and other factors conspired against me. Just wanted to pop in to say congrats to everyone who finished, I’ve followed peoples progress and theres been some great work done. :beer:


I haven’t done anything like this before and I really don’t have a clue how to upload my final image. Can someone please help. I signed up to flickr.com but when I view my image on there it has been reduced to 450 pixels wide? Then I don’t know how to link it to this website.


It has been fun and i definitely learn a lot from this challenge.Thanks eveyone.
WIP thread