NHM Challenge TheSaraf


Hi to all of you!
I am a little late but anyway here are my pics

Clean (fast)

Wider (fast)

Concept (not so fast)

I hope there will be enough time to do this one. I´ll try anyway.

Goodbye and good luck to all.



Well this is looking really interesting :slight_smile: A few issues here and there, but very different. I love the waste and crap lying around, kinda reminds of some back streets of the UK. The background needs serverly adjusting and the tanks doesn’t seem to be working very well. Needs repositioning and messing up a little. The fish eye warped effect to the left aint working. And for a matte painting the birds are a big NO, NO :slight_smile:

But overall i can’t wait to see this come together, i love the dirt messed up thing you have going, and the bird crap on the pillars; cool :slight_smile: Nice tone also.

Yeh that’s one i never really imagined, given all the crap in the UK, i can only imagine many years down the line it gets out of control and begins to pile up, social order falls through etc … It starts to tell a story :slight_smile:

Nice one.

  • Dave.

P.S Just noticed this is your first post, welcome to CGtalk :thumbsup:


Really interesting concept, I can’t wait to see it when it’s done! :slight_smile:


looks really cool so far. Keep going. You might want to blow out the exposure on the sky some.



Hello to all…
Work in progres. Still a lot of things to be done. Fix perspektive, paint the light and shadows and do something better on the left side. I think i will loose the crashed truck as it does not seem to belong in surroundings. Any advice is welcome…:slight_smile:


This is cool and a nice different concept. I like it so far :slight_smile:


i like the fact that this is so different.
keep posting, please…


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