NHM Challenge Linda Smith


Thought I would give this a try, I have never done a matte painting with the exception of a sketch in DSF a few months ago. Here is my step one cleared.


went through made a few touch ups (especially to the floor) and a few other things. Think I got it all set to go now and maybe ready for next step.


Hey Linda , looking good :smiley: this will be a great chance to learn a lot about matte painting so enjoy the ride! Cant wait to see some concepts.



Matellis - Thanks , ha ha I just had to go visit Levi’s thread, dang he roxors. The first step only took me a LONG time. Hope I can come up with something different and at least halfway decent :slight_smile:


Good job on the cleanup Linda. Any ideas for your concept yet?


Thanks Cameo, I have a few ideas floating around in my head. I am going to have to play a litte to see if i can pull any of them off before I post them.


Here is my extension


Hey Linda , nice job on the extension :smiley: keep it up! :smiley:



It s a bit too obvious were you straightend the pillars.


Linda you can try to make selections with the lasso tool, duplicate them to a new layer and transform them perspectively. This way you wont have these stamping issues. :slight_smile:


grrrr - which pillars the ones on the screen right?

Inlakechh- ermm that is what I did, lol


Hi linda, nice work on the extension I just see a problem there, in the first left arch I see the proportion is wrong compared to the othres and to the perspective, check it out


Thanks Jaime, I decided since that arch or part of the building isn’t going to be in the finished painting I am just going to extend with paint instead of photographic elements from the orignal plate.


I am not quite sure what the rules are for using photographic elements in the concept stage. Maybe someone can tell me. I did use some combined with paint. They are from my own photos, I live in a heavily wooded area and have hundreds of photos of woods , streams, marshes.

Anyway here is my concept, yes I still need to put some lights out and paint in tons of vegetation and other things :slight_smile:


Very nice lighting in the background sky, if you could match to that would look very nice. I’m not too sure about the tree that cuts across the forground though. Also think about your final crop, eventually you might want to bring it down to a widescreen format.

  • Dave :slight_smile:


ahhh I didn’t know we had to crop it , ha ha ok hrmmmm something to think about then :slight_smile:


You don’t have to crop down if you don’t wish, it’s just a prefered format for matte paintings, that’s all; it tends to look a little nicer and more cinematic. Take a look through www.mattepainting.org and see the general formats.

Feel free to use whatever format you choose :slight_smile:

  • Dave.


Nice work Linda, i’m digging the concept :slight_smile:


wow Dave nice stuff on that site, thanks for the link. Now I have much thinking to do before I proceed further :slight_smile:

Thank you Layer 01 :slight_smile: I am learning as I go here


Looks good so far, i really like the depth and mood of the sky.