NHM_Challenge biliousfrog


Hi everyone,

I’ve no doubt given my entry the kiss of death by starting a WIP but, as I need to, here it is. So far I’ve just painted in blocks of colour to get an idea of the perspective & what it should look like when finished. The arch to the right is going to be tricky, I haven’t yet decided what to do with it but I’ll tackle that later. It’s funny how the room suddenly looks very CG when the people are removed. My concerns for the future are those orange lights…I’ll be interested to see how people deal with them when they start ageing the building.

Good luck everyone & fingers crossed that I’ll actually get something finished for a change. :smiley:


I’ve finished the clean plate (I hope)…next up, my concept sketch!

I thought about breaking away the foreground to reveal a shear drop so that the museum is teatering on the edge. Initially it was going to be a lush, overgrown scene but…those damn orange lights…hmm:hmm: So, instead, I’m going to go for a volcanic scene. The foreground breaking away to reveal a drop into a lava filled valley. :slight_smile:


Hey Steve good stuff! cant wait to see the concepts you come up with :smiley:



a volcanic scene you reckon?..maybe you could make it into some kind of monastery instead?..what with you being A MONK! yak yak!

you know what though…i might well have a go at this little challenge myself!



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