Next,Please., ZhiPeng Song (3D)


good work… great sculpting…


Haha great work and nice very funny :slight_smile:


very good!


where is my avatar?
You have a good job!


Awesome, that i really cool concept and work :slight_smile:


Really impressive, the idea, the modeling, the level of detail, must have taken ages! Really cool. Only small thing id say is the overall brightness is pretty high, its missing a bit of black levels. But maybe thats just me.

Really love it, congrats.


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I love the lighting and feel of the scene. The characters have a lot of expression too.
I think I would add a more metal-ish texture to the dark-grey metal bars of the counter. They look a bit too smooth. Also it would be really nice to see the “cashier’s” hands handing out bills to create the start-focus point on the left and lead the viewers eye to the right afterwards.
cheers, Fynn


Masterpiece…very original.


I like how you tell a story in your scene, and such a great selection of different characters. I don’t know who I would chose to read my child a bedtime story :slight_smile:


:applause: :applause: :applause:
Good creativity


LOL i always love CG and funny ideas mixed, i love it so much, very compliment also for original idea.
Continue following that style!!


Yes, a good idea, can enhance the value of work, making it easier to remember it!


its just awesome work :thumbsup:
can you show break down also ?


LOL awesome idea and amazing detailing, well done!


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Very nice work


Nice job done!! :slight_smile:


I like the way how you made cloth on this project. looks realistic!!! :thumbsup:


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