Next Maya out soon - any previews out there?


Hello guys,

I would expect the next maya to be out soon so was wondering if there are any technological previews as they sometimes post. Have you come across any of them?
Also, if not what would you like to see in the next version?


With Marc Petit gone and the SI team reshuffled + a decent amount of devs fired, Maya 2014 may come later than expected.

It probably will be a rebranded 2013.5 version anyway with a couple of little feautures added. Rumour is they’re trying to port ICE from SI to Maya. But it sounds too ambitious to me to make it into the next release. We’ll see.

To add my whishlist: :deal:

  • Consolidation of editors, especially animation editors.
  • Stretchmesh like deformer
  • GPU driven & Node based particle/fluids/ncloth and nRigid
  • Decent retopo tools like topogun
  • Real world units based workspace and workflows to standardize
  • Naiad integration
  • mudbox integration
  • Arnold/Vray integration etc. etc…


Isn’t ICE something similar like DMM or is that Lagoa? I thought that ICE was just another thing for dynamics etc. that was nice in softimage. (never used SI so have no clue :))) )
Hmm, I missed the news about the shake up. Interesting.
Well I hope they will tweak the UI for retina displays, Yes I would love graph editor redesigned a bit and would be nice to have FULL multithread support for everything. Including things like play for animation (its is CPU mainly, right?)


Mustique: 2013.5 is already out. ICE port from SI to Maya is just that a rumor, nothing else. One thing I would like to see it the fusion of display and render layers into one plus having the ability to create folders within the layers like Photoshop. The current setup stinks.


ICE is a node base dynamic system which gives you a lot of access to low level data. It’s very close to how one would work in Houdini so it’s really great. If there’s anything close in Maya it would be SOAP.


Lots of maya devs got fired?? I didn’t hear that one. The last I heard the ICE team had moved to Maya, but I’ve nothing about any maya devs getting axed. Any sources on that?

Also, what the hell happened to XGen? Autodesk licensed it from Disney, like, 2 years ago and not so much as a mention of it since. When the heck is going to show up in Maya?? That would simply be huge for Maya’s fur/hair pipeline. Considering the fur grooming tools haven’t seen a significant update since version 2 (and it sucks balls), it would be welcome to see that finally show up.


The only way to know what is coming in Maya 2014 is to be on the beta.
I think it is a cool release, but obviously I am very biased :slight_smile:


what the hell happened to XGen?

Didn’t this infringe on Shave’n’aHaircuts patent?


man, fuck that guy and his patents. Especially considering how he’s making a sculpting system - you know, the 50th sculpting app out there that would never be possible if Pixologic had patented that shit.

as for 2014 - it’s shaping up really nicely but obviously I can’t say anything else.


ok guys, those of you who have tested it. What release would you compare it to then just so we can get excited :)))


Oh, oh, is QT replaced by something a bit more customizable color wise and less cumbersome overall?

I had to fire up 2009 the other day. So crisp and responsive.

Other than that I suppose Maya’s fx/dynamics system could use some stability upgrades, caching particles in particular. Just running particles with instancer proved to be very unstable lately. Of course, I am still using 2012 so maybe that is the problem.


I would say that at this point in time, 2014 looks most like 2015. :wink:


Keeping my fingers crossed here for more Viewport 2.0 improvements. I’d love to see Strokes supported for one thing.



as far as i know, and got some info, maya 2014 is slow…

if they lied me, then i lied to u guys, but i dont think they lied at all



It’s looking good. Maya development over the short term (2014), and the longer term (>2014) certainly has me rather excited.


So, XGen isn’t coming because of Joe Alter? I thought they reached some kind of settlement/agreement that would allow XGen to come to market. Lol, this is stressing me out. :slight_smile:


Faster interface please. :slight_smile:


Have to say 2014 is looking a really strong release, some surprises in there too… get involved, join the Beta and get active on how Maya develops.


Multi-threading all the way! Couldn’t care less for more features. Wished they stop adding features and focused on doing maintenance.

I imagine Autodesk think the teaser videos promoting new features and technology would be the only way to get people to bother shelling out more cash… but how many here would pay for fixing, finishing writing, replacing current features?

I would.

I know, it’s shitty that one should have to pay more for something that should already work. Free Service Packs tend to that problem but that’s not enough.


ok, lets hope then.
I do agree with some comments though. Multithreading is a must to be honest. :slight_smile: