Next Gen Lara Croft fanart (Classic outfit)



As promised, My first fanart for a bloody long time. last fanart was made during diablo 2 time, when I just got to know Photoshop, just to give you an idea.

Just to be clear, for the first time, I am not using completely my selfmade meshes as bases, but instead make use of many XNA Lara Models/accessories you can find online.

I initially wanted to create from the ground up, but I see not much point to reinvent the wheel, & being a fanart, I do not think I can have other meaningful use for the 3D asserts, even if I create from stretch (without Squareenix permission).

But its still a lot of work to clean up the meshes, to make quads, and be ready for higher polygon next gen model. Anatomy need to be tuned as well, as well as adding extra loops when needed.

This is what I have so far.

Face meshes ready for higher resolution detailing

Latest picture. Valentine Special (click or open in new window/tab to enlarge)


Looks like a nice start. However, I am not really seeing Laura Croft. Would it be possible to see what you are referencing?


Hi thrivingartist,

Its the 2013 Tomb raider: A survival is born in game model, downloaded (its free, but mainly for posing purpose) & modified, so it must looks like Lara Croft, at least the 2013 young Lara version.

Here is the link to XNA Lara fanart.

My goal is something like this,

The intention for this project is visualisation for a Next Gen Lara Croft, but with classical outfit, & maybe a few other favourites.

Anyway, here is an update. Working hard on mesh flow, anatomy & fitting the right body shape & proportion to the 2013 young Lara. Pants and T-shirt are not final. Belts, guns & accessories still yet to be done.


Cannot decide on the t-shirt.

I am torn (pun intented) between torn look, & clean look.

A)Clean look & tuck in T-shirt

b) Clean look T-shirt , open belly.

C) Torn look T-shirt.


Decided on the tuck in look. Here is the base mesh. I will later divide it one level & it will be used as the final mesh. I will of course divide it further & add details & used the high res version as normal map. Hence it helps that its all quads. A bit challenging with the wrinkle folds on the T-shirt, but I manage it, but just. :slight_smile:

Next will be work on hot pants (for a lack of a better name), but before that, I need to do my homework due next week when I return to school again. On top of doing survival task like eating. Missing a few meals, & lots of sleep since I started this.

Edit: Not sure why image is so large, considered they are screencaps…


Hey, she is getting good, her cloth now adds to it… Good going…!!


Looking Very Good , keep going :beer:


Thanks guys for the encouragement. Here is a small update.

Base mesh for pants is done. Ignore the belt, & assessories on it, they are now only placeholders.


Some progress done last week. few hours a day in the evening.
The main hard part is to determine the level of details. too little, & it looks current gen, too much, it blows the budget.

Anyway, the whole belt & gun holster seen are final game model resolutions. I made the porch such that it can be actually flip open. I also added the opening clipping part(not sure what it is called) for the belts to go over, so it looks like they are held in place probably, rather than by magic CG glue.

You can also see the gun holster are held in place by the holster strip, as the strip tuck under the holster & over, to be clipped to itself, creating a opening for the leg belt to go over. These ain’t the case in current gen models, due to polygon restriction. I believe next gen should not be just about extra polygon count, but also adding details that make items more convincing/logical.

They do burn serious poly budget though. I guess I have to find the balance, but its easier to remove details later than add…


I like the sexy of the belly tshirt.

Nice modeling so far. I like it!


Its a possibility to have belly T-shirt as well. :wink: I design her so she can mix & match some outfit.

Anywy, since the beginning of this project, I know you guys have been eagerly waiting for the modelling of this.

So I now present to everyone, NEXT GEN SOCKS!

Anyway, boots are base on this, found via google. I make some changes to conserve some polygon, like the zipper line being higher, & no teeth at bottom of boots.


Yup the Socks :drool: Got To love a good Shoe :smiley: , keep going looking good so far :wip:


It all looks good so far. I like that you modelled in some creases in the shirt instead of leaving them to sculpting. Some boots have a leather flap that almost completely covers the zip, so you don’t have to model the teeth if you don’t want to.


Thanks, I did after careful consideration to have zip instead of laces to save some polygons. Zips, I can do it via normal map, as its pretty flat, unlike laces, but thanks for the suggestion.
I think zbrush have build in zip making tools, so I suppose it will not take that long also.

I have not yet checked, I hope there is a good solution to make stitching on leather too.


Thanks for the kind words.

Anyway, anyone know how I can change the title?


A good way to do stitching is sculpt via map, but you need UVs.


I have UV, can you explain a little bit more. Thanks.


It’s like baking a displacement map into your high poly. I only know how to do it in Mudbox, not sure about zBrush.

Basically get an image of stitching and apply it like you would a texture in PS. Maybe warp and slightly liquify it to get it in line with UVs. You could also just make your own brush in PS which would probably give you better results.

Make sure it looks good on the model. Then make it grayscale. Background will be black, sculpt detail will be white/grayscale. Then it’s just a matter of using the sculpt via map option in Mudbox. Here is the help for it.

In zBrush I guess you could look into making your own brush and using lazy mouse or curves.


Good work. keep it up


Thanks FarhadNojumi,

for the kind words & encouragement.

Thanks nfd77,

for your suggestion. definitely looking at possible solution when the time come for sculpting.

In the meantime, some progress pictures. I spent the last few nights working on the H&K, USP handgun, famously used in the Tomb Raider movies, in pairs of course. I design such that all moving/detachable functioning parts in firing & loading are made separately.

This is my first 3D gun I model, so I am a bit slow. But nevertheless its rather enjoyable. I even toy with the idea to give Lara even more toys, like shotgun, combat knife, & Rocket launcher. Ok maybe the last one is getting too far.

There are still some work need for the base in-game model, like the magazine, & internal shell of the parts that can be seen when the gun is clocked (pulled back)