Next Challenge... Lets talk


Ok guys I would love to heard your opinions on future challenges.
I have in mind two challenges…

Ill post the topics I mave in mind tonight, but first i would love to hear your ideas.



I think chess would be really cool - and not modeling a chessboard - but reinventing the idea - doing a character of a king or a castle or a bishop - or making a few of the interact… just the way people do Alice in wonderland’s Card characters…

yeah I also kinda dig the Human Body cutaway which has been flying around for some time…


I think both of those are great ideas. The cutaway is probably gonna be the most hardcore challenge we get. I think for that one there should be separate categories for focusing on one part to keep it interesting. My concern would be that everyone would more or less have the same project if we all just do a generic human that’s been cut away. Maybe not though. I would just like to see something added to that one. One idea I think I had earlier was to just do organic/humanesque cutaway. So maybe we can create a human-ish creature cutaway. Or maybe just do any mammalian (real or made up) cutaway. Then again, might be cool to have a more succinct challenge where we are all doing more or less the same thing.

I’m working on a character reel so I will keep leaning to wards character based stuff so I can kill 2 birds with one model! I’ll still also keep pushing for doing 3d interpretations of old sea-monster illustrations that were all over old world maps. You know, the ones that people actually thought were real. Kind of like this style:

Anyway, guess that’s my 4 or 5 cents worth.


Or from here, this is a great resource.

and here for just straight seamonsters:

Man, sometimes I wish that we didn’t understand so. Something to be said for purely creative explanations for strange sightings and occurrences.


I’d vote for the cut-away, I’ve been sitting on an idea for a sculpt for some time that would more or less fit this challenge.


damn I love that websie with Gesner’s History… so cool thnx for the link…

an allegory of something would also be cool - I love those old images and sculptures which represent something trhough a few symbols or things they’re holding…


i like magda’s chess idea…

you could do a knight taking down the king, or some other situation

and then there’s the option of the custom chess set…


Human cutwaway is one I will savor for a special time.
I REALLY like your chess set idea, so much so, I will have the guys at the DSF to start doing some sketches.

I want to do the Ansel Adams challenge next, but I do have something special planned for the Holidays.



Ah, environments? True that that could be a good change of pace. Interested to see what happens here. And I always like when the daily sketch forum gets involved.


well you are going to love this…
I had a chance to sleep on it, and I have another concept
you guys might like, based on Intervain idea:
How about the The Tarot Deck.


awesome! yeah that’s a great idea


Interesting idea, the tarot cards. Not to take away from that, and it’s probably been said before, but Signs of the Zodiac could be an nice and open theme sometime. :shrug:


yeah hehehe that’s cool too :slight_smile:


Ok here is a preview of the challenge for xmas…

Google : “The problem we all live with” & “Southern Justice”


OMG Rockwell?! awesome :smiley:


Rockwell would be great. However by the 2 pics you happened to choose you could mean something totally different.


I been wanting to do a Norman Rockwell Challenge for a long time.
Talk about an artist I worship.

I just wanted to show a more different side of him, so people can get a taste of the depth he his work could reach.

His work during the civil rights war era is just freaking incredible.
Case in point:
[color=darkorange]New Kids in the Neighborhood [/color]


Best subject choice since just about forever. I had forgotten about Rockwell so glad of the reminder.


well I want to do the Ansel Adams challenge first.
For a taste of what is to come go here:,29307,1932762_1974604,00.html?iid=digg_share


I am excited about the Ansel Adamas challenge.