Next challenge discussion thread.


Please use this thread to discuss our next challenge




Not a nuke, but a really cool explosion I saw on Digg today…


I am definetely in on this one!



Lots of potential with this theme. :smiley:


It would be funny to redo the Indiana Jones ‘nuke the fridge’ shot, only with a dead body in the fridge.

Maybe a Star War nuke… with stars blow off and black hole forming(?)

Maybe nuke in a very alien environment:
dark underground world (caves) with huge slimy bugs and nests
underwater city blow off (the rendering probably will kill computers)


I’m in on this also. Any news on when this is going to start or how long it will be?


It will be In January of 2010. And BTW we all need to talk about the future of the forum.
I think some changes are in order after all these years.


Couldn’t agree more Roberto. In regards to changes I’m not sure I can offer too many suggestions. After being involved in in FX wars over the past few years I have noticed the large drop off of involved participants, as the project goes on. And topic is also really hard. There are so many choices, and there are so many cool ones. You have tried to do challenges where we are given the option of integrating into supplied plates or footage, and recently challenges where we get the option of using stuff from the HCM. Don’t forget that FX generally gets less interest than say, the HCM. its just the way it goes.

Other than saying all of that, I’m not sure I have suggestions for change. It looks like one month isn’t enough for people? But I would say, that 1 month would be enough for nuke for me. That being said I do have time off and people work ect. Perhaps have two weeks of recourse and thought gathering before the challenge starts?

I’m in for the Nuke Btw. Ive just gotta finish my current project.

And DAMN aminos for steeling my idea (indianna jones)! ha ha. Your not supposed to reveal stuff like that until your done :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello Everyone, Great stuff going on there JonathanFreisler!

I agree with JonathanFreisler, a month for the Nuke could work just fine even with my crazy schedule at work.

Hey Jonathan that makes two of us!
“DAMN aminos for steeling my idea as well, (indianna jones)! ha ha. As soon as I saw nuke I thought about that one, ohh well, let’s see what we can do about that” lol, that’s definetely a great idea aminos.

I also agree that there seem to be very few people participating in the FX challenge, I know for sure we have a pretty big large number of fx artist going on on CGTALK, Maya dynamics has a lot of people going there, the fume and after burn threads also have a pretty big spread. The fx challenge should be packed with a lot of talent. I am not sure if it is because of the type of challenge or missing resources but even I find myself skipping certain challenges. Anyways, in all true this challenge has a good potential and I am in for the nuke challenge.




I think FX Contests should be focused more on FX purity. It seems paradossal but I’ve noticed that in the last contests there are too many tasks involved such as animation,direction,montage,lighting and more…
I think it should be more concentrated on the pure quality of effects…A banal example: I think that a single water drop that crashes on a plane or a broken glass offer a variety of difficulties to reproduce them perfectly :slight_smile:
My 2 cents :slight_smile:



Couldnt agree more with micro.

Its great of offer, complete projects (invasion, QOTRM) But you have to think of the attention span. A lot more people are going to go through with a ‘smaller’ single FX shot, than string together 2, or 5, or 10. Ive said it before, but fireworks, and cannon fire, and tornado are in theory single shot FX shots that get people excited and result in a lot of strong entry’s.



Wanted to refresh my memory… It’s cool. Here it is:



I have been thinking about that A LOT.
We will be doing some smaller challenges for the time being, but I still want to do bigger
Maybe I could create a challenge with a shared universe idea.
Done in a way that all the entries could be pieced together like a movie trailer or a short…


so there will be no giant robots?


Yes, but that will be one of the “complicated ones”


Similar to a multi vendor approach that films use. Multiple vendors (fx houses) working on one larger picture. Ive always found that interesting how different houses can get similar looks and the same quality. Would take a lot to orchestrate that, sounds cool.


For ideas, you guys might want to look at this:
Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus trailer


maybe we could have a challenge where theres place for complex animated scenes, 1 shot animations and…stills? maybe on the nuke challenge someone could just do a previz of the nuke and this would fall into a “pre-viz” category of that challenge. anyway thats just my 2cents.


What happened to the nuke?