Newton 2.0


Here is the horse (main character) for my animation short Newton’z Apple (

My first model was not very animateable, Just a stumpy guy with legs. I figured I would do a model that is more easy to animate. Also I think this skinny guy has a better personality. Please tell me what you think! C&C appreciated.

(I have been only REALLY using blender for the past two weeks about, so I am fairly new to the tools, but already I love it. I have opened 3Ds Max only about 2 or 3 times in that time period. I LOVE BLENDER!!!).

Here is the horse. I know there are still some problems with the corners of his mouth. His face is almost completely tris. I couldn’t figure out how to made a good quad set. Will keep working on him…

thanks in advance! :


Looks like the link is broken :eek:


Fixed. (sorry! thanks)


Well the webpage you provided still doesn’t work :slight_smile:

But it would be a good idea to post of a wire frame of your horse so we can see how he is built and know how well he can be animated…


Here is the official WIP:
thanks for all of your help


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