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#1 may have been hacked they definately have a virus Stay Away till they have it fixed


I thought it was that last post I made. :wink:


and of course


Maybe it’s a new promotional strategy… those cunning guys. :smiley:

…can’t…resist…the link… :scream:


Someone hacked our forums and placed an ActiveX control to install a trojan. The forums are now closed while we remove this. Both NewTek and LightWave web servers are operating fine, without any user danger (other than spending a ton of time admiring the eye-candy).



Thanks Paul, much appreciated. :slight_smile:


Anyone know what this Trojan is. name or way to check if it bite you


According to Avast Anti-virus, it was the VBS Obfuscated_gen, but that seems to be a generic alert for trojan horses. Avast caught it before it loaded, but I use Firefox anyway.


Here is the link to symantec for info on the trojan


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