Newtek re-invents the change rate...


Just been on NT Europe site and have seen that LW 9 can be pre-ordered there for the nice price of 395 €… Again… No change 1 $ = 1 € @ newtek. That bothers me a lot.

Please British mates, tell me how the change rate is calculated between US $ and UK £.


that’s great news for the LW users in India…just 395,- Rupees !!


i placed my order at for £299 including tax and shipping which works out at about $535 us

£7.50 ($13.40) for the shipping ( seems excessive for national ground postage but nevermind 0 )

395 euro’s is cheaper does taht include tax and postage if so i should have placed my order with newtek online =/


no it is VAT excluded. The VAT rate in France is 20.6 % ==> regardless of the shipping costs, the total cost for LW with the 395 $ upgrade is in fact € 476.37 which is exactly $ 589.31.


According to the Newtek Europe site, the UK RRP £ price should be £259 + VAT. Onevideo are only charging £247 + VAT. £7.50 + VAT is pretty good for courier delivery in the UK. They don’t use the Royal Mail. If you know a cheaper courier…please let me know :slight_smile: Not exactly sure what you mean by ‘national ground postage’.

£247 = $441

The 17.5% VAT would be added on top of that either way as would the shipping. So while we do pay more over here…it’s not quite as much as you might think and certainly beats the £1 = $1 exchange rate that used to be used by LW resellers in the UK BEFORE Newtek Europe took things over. Also, don’t forget the cost of shipping from the States. That would easily make up the difference.


jsut ment it being shipped in country not internation and it says its ground shipping meaning no planes which makes sence - but yeah i guess shoving it in the mail probally abit much to hope for ( well maybe not would not be good if it got lost )

anyway good to know i didn’t get ripped off and infact got a deal =)


Yeah the cheapest supplier in the UK is OneVideo and it totals £300 including vat and delivery, We pay more than the US but it has to be said that is very very usual nowadays even if not acceptable and actually the reason i didn’t upgrade my Vue to 5.


It’s not possible for european to order directly from Newtek US, you pay $395us but your credit card will be charged in euro with the exact exchange rate by your credit card company? I’m canadian and I ordered my 8 upgrade directly from Newtek.


no, we couldn’t. I have tried for [8] and the service told me to order from a reseller in Europe at that time. I have not made any blank test for now.
BTW - € 395 is $ 488


Slighty OT here, but bear in mind that from a retailers point of view there is considerably more to shipping costs than the cost of the stamp(s) on the package. They also have to pay the wage of the person who prepares the paperwork, puts the software in the parcel, labels it up. etc., say 15 minutes all told for each parcel which is £1.25p even on minimum wage. Then the packaging material costs money, as does the postage and they have to make a profit on all of this.


Distributors and retailers always take their cut. It’s better to avoid them.

This is why it would be better to have a download-only service. Downloading software avoids these hassles and expenses. Then everyone on the planet could pay the same rate (well, plus exchange rate).

Most distributors and retailers don’t give any meaningful support anyway.



Mr NT, pls let us buy directly online and download in the near future… save cost for stamp, labels, cds and waiting… etc etc.:thumbsup:


LOL. That would make alot of Indians happy.


When everyone on the planet has broadband internet access, I suppose that might be true. At present, that is far from the case. So a large number of potential users would be unable to access the products due to prohibitive download times on dial-up connections. Then there would be the problem of dongles and printed manuals that cannot be sent electronically. Online, electronic manuals are useful and don’t use up trees but they are not as easily browsable as flicking through a book and can’t be read away from the computer.

Electronic only would also kill the secondhand market stone dead. Would you buy a piece of ‘genuine’, original software that was only provided on a home burned CD-R ?

I’m sorry you seem to have had really bad experiences with the ditributors and retailers you have dealt with. I have not found that to be the case with those that I have used in recent years. I find that buying direct from the manufacturer, in the case of software, is usually more expensive than going to a retailer. Without the retailers competing with price reductions, software would be maintained at artiificially high prices. At least, that’s my view :slight_smile:


Most people around the planet have access to broadband internet. If not at home, then down at the local internet cafe, where they can walk in with CD-R disk in hand. You can do it in Katmandu, you can do it anywhere!

A download purchase would enable most people around the world to get the software at the lowest price. At the moment that doesn’t happen, as you can see when you compare Lightwave prices in different countries. In some places it costs much more, and that is solely because the distributor is taking a cut. Those who want a printed manual could order it as an option.

Dongles… I used to think they were OK, but I’ve changed my mind. Dongles add to the price, are a nuisance poking out of your laptop, they hog one of your valuable USB ports, and they are a liability if they get damaged or fail which could put you out of action. The dongle should also go, and that would allow a download sale.


I agree that download is the way to go. The issue of printed manuals is not even worth discussing because you have to pay extra for it anyway. The basic Lightwave package is the software CD & some content CD’s plus an electronic manual. I still don’t really get why Newtek are using dongle’s as their software is normally cracked before anyone elses…it can’t be for anti-piracy reasons. I guess it helps with using several computers (I keep mine on a key ring with my Messiah one)…maybe just send the dongle through the post for the first purchase & then allow upgrades to be downloaded?

I was really P!$$£d when I used the recent crossgrade promotion because of all the VAT/Tax/Delivery etc. I’m still paying for it & now the new version is set for release:rolleyes: …& what’s happening with the 64bit version? Is it out yet? It was supposed to be a free upgrade but I’ve not heard any mention of it since.


I disagree…but let’s just agree to differ :slight_smile: This is the wrong place for this discussion. Aside from which, my copy of Vue 5 Infinite was just delivered and I want to go play with it :bounce:


Hi all,

As a start, this is not a defence of NewTek Europe - I need to make that quite clear.
  • Try comparing the price of products by Sony, Levi’s, Oakley, Lego or Apple between Europe and the States. Levi’s, Oakley and Apple might be understandable because they are American products (although they are surely not made in the US), Sony is Japanese but prices in the States are even less expensive than in Japan itself and Lego is Danish and yet prices in North America are often half of what they are in Denmark itself.

  • Secondly, VAT - only a side topic in this thread admittedly - does not benefit us in the slightest. VAT varies between 15 and 25% in the European Union, but it is not controlled by NewTek Europe.

  • Downloads are great and we have been researching means to offer LightWave as an electronic download for a time - an obvious boon to us and the environment if we don’t have to create printed documentation and packaging. However, it’s not a universal panacea and the governments of the world will find a means to tax downloads and stop them from being a “cheap” option. It’s also worth pointing out that downloading an entire CD’s worth of data (or even several) is not an option open to everyone yet.

  • Lastly, the exchange rate between the dollar, sterling and the euro fluctuates every day. There have been times when the price offered by NewTek Europe has actually been better than the US price - our goal is always to provide the best prices possible.



But you’re absolutely right. This is ridiculous, the press release on the Lightwave page clearly states the update will cost $ 395,-.
Quote from :
“For Registered owners of LightWave [8]:
LightWave 3D v9.0 upgrade with PDF manual and Vue 5 Infinite: $395
LightWave 3D v9.0 with printed manual and Vue 5 Infinite: $495”

So I suppose Newteks statements in press releases are not valid for European users anymore ?

Suppose its a Texan thing, pissing off Europeans :wink:


Nicely put Ben :slight_smile:

My final word on the subject :

As mentioned, I just received my copy of Vue 5 Infinite delivered by the nice man from CityLink. In the, hopefully, not too distant future, I will receive my copy of LW9 from another CityLink delivery person. Onevideo, the company I’ve ordered my LW9 upgrade from, are only charging me for one delivery not two. So they will be making a loss, not taking a cut on the delivery charge.