NewTek LightWave 11 announced.


It can’t do animation offsets for each instance can it? That made HD instance very appealing, meaning you could do forests with moving leaves, (and no repeating movement patterns) crowds, all kinds of stuff.
I also liked the fact that the layer system using seeds, enabled you to randomly dress a crowd of characters with a selection of hats, jackets etc, and yet one character would not be wearing two hats.
Correct me if I am wrong though, I have not played with it directly. I am just going on what I see.


I´m still not in possession of LW11 but will be very briefly, so I will be able to test it directly. One of my work mates is playing with a copy of it already and I must tell you instancing performance is nothing short of impressive. It leads me to think it outperforms HD Instance on most fronts.
As for animation offsets, I agree it doesn´t look like it´s there right now (though I´m sure it will be), but I´ve never been 100% convinced by this feature…even with HD Instance (or DP Instance for that matter) I tended NOT to use it, as opposed to creating several original models that I instanced, because the memory hit of animation offset was quite remarkable…for obvious reasons, but it was there. So I tended to use the same animation with a manual offset, that I instanced as different models.
As you know, when you get 8 or 10 different versions plus a nice flocking, it becomes pretty difficult to spot the trick.
Also, if you check one of the videos Roberto linked, the one with the palm trees and tweaking the terrain on Modeler while both OpenGL and the VPR update flawlessly…I´ve never been able to work that freely with instances with any other tool. That speaks volumes about the tool robustness.

Still, I will hold my verdict until I check it myself…


It has settings for Weight, Time Scale and Time Offset which can be enveloped or textured or controlled by nodes… not sure how it works yet.


Lw11 looks pretty sweet, but I sure do wish that the dev team would add the modeler interaction model to layout. Not replace the old, just add it and allow me to switch to it. Better yet, let me customize it altogether. Core let you do that and it was one of my favorite “little” features.

Oh, and uh, while they are at it, combine layout and modeler. :slight_smile:


Here is a neat Bullet simulation:


While that will not happen in LW11, from what I’ve heard, NTs plans to create a unified application has not changed since they cancelled CORE. It is just that they have choosen to take another route, but the endgoal is still the same, as far as I know.



Until they decide to change their minds because it’s either too difficult or not worth the effort or just too expensive. Remember… EVERYTHING Newtek does is subject to change without notice. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Thanks to someone at NT I got a screenshot that I’ve attached. The screenshot shows animation offsetting of an hierarchy of objects that is animated to create a runcycle. The parent of this hiearchy is used as the source for instances (a single source), and as you can see in the screenshot, you can randomize the animation in two ways; TimeScale (which randomizes the actual speed of the loop / instance) and TimeOffset (which randomizes the startpose / instance). Also, to bare in mind is that, for this to work, you need to set your Instance generator to Parent space.

For animated deforming objects, such as a character, it is best to first create an MDD or GeoCachefile of the animationloop. Then you need to load a couple of copies of that object, and manually offset the MDD or GeoCache so that they have a different startingpose (and of course not to forget to enable Loop) and then use those as sources for your instances.

That said, I know that NewTek are looking into making MDDs and GeoCaches to be randomized from a single source. That though, is not slated for LW11 as far as I know.

As with DPI and HDI, it might turn out that NT has to create a unique cacheformat to be used with instancing, but that is just me speculating. Even if that turns out to be true, I really don’t see that as a problem.

In all honesty, I really like what NT has done so far with LW11.



Yes. Finaly you seem to get it. Good to see progress.


EDIT: When thinking about it… I havn’t seen Rob using that disclaimer… maybe because they decided to not talk about things that might be, but things that actually are… hmm… Have I spotted a difference, mayhapps? Oh well…



I just can’t wait to see how you guys all react when you get it again and again and again. For me it was one too many times. For you, it’ll take some time longer. :wink:

It’s like watching Kevin Bacon in Animal House bending over, “Thank sir, may I BUY another?” :slight_smile:


Hehe… well… as long as I don’t have to pay a fortune for each of these turnarounds, I will happily use and purchase tools that works. So far NT hasn’t robbed my bank nor me, and adding $395 to those $895 I payed some years ago isn’t much, and LW11 is working out quite well over here.



So even Robs statements may or may not be subject to change without notice? Must say the ambiguity in this company must run deep. Hardly a selling point… :applause:


…aaand here we go again.


it would be funny if it wasn’t true :slight_smile:


Lightwave Core? Yeah, I agree… :thumbsup: :smiley:


I think you missed my point on purpose.



DSW and Veehoy, guys your point has been made.


To all ,

Bullet + fracture by Schleicher

I will be posting more videos soon.

I am trying to get some FBX and Unity examples (no promises there).


Interesting Lightwave 11 dynamics test I have come across.

I am waiting for the trial version to test for myself, but judging from the various user tests online, the developers look to have done a good bullet dyamics implementation.


Some new dynamics work form the Newtek forums:

This one is quite good too:

Can’t wait to try bullet myself.


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