Newtek Core Streaming!


in just bit more than hour… be sure to take your tickets



What time?




And your tickets? They’re to the GUN SHOW

Sorry, couldn’t resist.


joke just be there in 40 minutes or checkout counter page and watch for streaming

gonna be very exciting time


That is cool. Now if we can get everyone to start another five hundred more threads on the same crap we’ll be set.


That’s the effect viral marketing has! Plus it’s very cheap. :bounce:


When it is the same few people starting the threads it is just annoying.


Who forced you to read it?


Now it says ‘one moment’

I’ve been waiting many moments :curious:


i guess the guy who was supposed to start the stream fell asleep…

although i don’t use lw i was interested and watched the countdown
for some minutes. didn’t work for me, i switched it off now :confused:


Now it’s off air…Shiztar!


Great post. Now when do we bring in nazi comments?


Stream FAIL!


I wonder if it’s going to be cool enough for Autodesk to want to buy them out.
What ever it is, I’m not holding my breath for any major or dramatic changes to the industry.


its gone dead or is it me:shrug:


autodesk would have had it working



Seems dead to me too.


And here is Core:


Newtek’s site seems to be down… perhaps they’re having some kind of server errors.


I can’t get on Core, newtek or spinquad.