NewTek Core e-mail !?!


I just received this e-mail from NT with the link here: and a countdown…news about v10???

Anyone else?


quite exciting…igreat way to get people talking about newtek and what the dickens their upto with this…count down to a new app i’m hoping!..lightwave x or lightwave core!


Here is to hoping they rewrote the core again… I love lightwave but its just getting more plugin based in every version thus more unstable… Oh… And better character animation tools (for consistency with the rest of the industry)… I own lightwave but i have stepped away from it because of the aforementioned reasons (not that the alternatives are that much better but at least they have a consistent incosistency:D)…

Sadly none of they above are likely to happen anytime soon.


heh, the last line of that page’s html source has got an easter egg in it:

<!-- If you can figure out the phrase in the graphic, please visit ***** =D -->



decided I probably shouldn’t include the whole thing here…


more than a bit of a stretch would be required to consider this news outside the newtek forums I’m afraid :slight_smile:


Nah your correct, the Nvidia spam and usual Autodesk whining makes for much better news posts… :wink:


So it comes out in 12 days, 18 hours, 54 minutes ? :slight_smile:

Is there a Linux version ? :smiley:


It’s code for, ‘Autodesk buyout’.


yeah could be…newtek buying autodesk woudl be a great step forward!


more cryptic message :stuck_out_tongue:


EDIT: someone got to the punch line quicker :thumbsup:


Yeah no. A thread started about some speculative email (regardless of what software it is) in CG News would typically be locked on sight. Any of those threads you are referring to actually started with a news story.


Yeah, I’m amazed it even reached this particular board! :twisted:

Now, talk about lewd adverts, that makes for far more relevant and important discussions. :eek:


I think it says: “cross the threshold” - i’m not sure about the “t” though…
(I always fall for this kind of things :))


That’s where you’re wrong. If you keep up with what’s going on with Lightwave, it’s easy to know. Jay Roth and Chuck have both said that they were developing LW9 and LWX at the same time. They would put in tools and advancements from X into 9 when and where they could.

Jay has personally said a number of times that they have been rewriting the core. So, there is no guesswork here at all.

Anyway, I’m digging this new viral approach they are taking. It’s certainly more aggressive then previous adverts from NT. :slight_smile:


It’s way more fun, too! When Blizzard did it, it drove people crazy with anticipation. Squaresoft is doing the same thing for a Final Fantasy XIII reveal.

It’s just a fun way to build anticipation, and IMO, it really makes you feel a little more connected with the company that does it. :thumbsup:


if its flipped it means its capital letter. :slight_smile:


11 days, 19 minutes, I can’t wait! :deal:


:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

OOohhh man cain’t wait to see what Newtek is cooking!!! :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:


Wow, I really wish its true… a new fresh from scratch lightwave 10!

God know they need a severe update for get back in the competition.

Hehe 2009 will be interesting; Running LW 10 on Win7.

Lets go newtek! show us you can do it!