News Flash: Giant Panda Destroys Tokyo, Simon Bull (2D)


Title: News Flash: Giant Panda Destroys Tokyo
Name: Simon Bull
Country: Japan
Software: Painter

Lord Panda (as he is known to locals) laid waste to a large section of Japan’s Saitama Prefecture in an unprovoked fit of wanton destruction. Thousands have been displaced from homes as Lord Panda’s wake grows (he has moved over four kilometers since his initial outburst), and the Japanese Self-Defense Force (SDF) has been mobilized to protect denizens against the gargantuan threat.

painter elements 2 is a fun game. ^-^ anyone want to give me a free, real copy of painter? in english – this one came with my intuos 3 and it’s all in japanese that i can’t read.

that last part was a joke.


software: painter elements 2
filesize: 54 meg
original image dimensions: 1920x2560
beers consumed: innumerable
time: one week, after work

my roommate was injured in the making of this image.


Not much else I can say but SWEEEEEEET!

5 stars from me! :buttrock:


Heh. One of the most awesome pics I’ve seen in a long time! Only little thing is that the aircrafts are a bit redundant. Colors, rendering, detailing, concept - all is top notch. :beer:


Great piece. The foreground with the wires is really nice. Overall, the composition is fantastic. The jets are barely noticeable, but a nice touch. I would like to see a litte more definition in the panda though. Feels kinda flat.

On a different note, what do you do in Japan? Please tell me you went to see Howl’s Moving Castle.


Thanks peoples!

I think the panda looks flat because of all the smoke in the 
forground, I think its washed him out a little...gonna have to fix that, thanks!!

And yeah I saw Howl, it was one of the most beautiful movies that
I have ever seen...although I liked the story from the
book better...but then again the animation and backgrounds were
And in japan I teach English...although I really really want to change Jobs!!! lol
Anyway thanks for the comments :)



The part that none of you guys know about is that he actually kidnapped a real panda from the Ueno zoo for this image. He fed it all the meat the fridge (half of which was mine), as well as two small ferns and a lit cigarette.

The destruction what followed was horrific beyond description… But as his roommate there’s nothing I can do but rebuild…

… or shave him in his sleep.

I kind of like the planes, although the army here would take about a week to get themselves mobilized in real life. :slight_smile:


I see you 2 are tag teaming on this one.

Fun illustration.


Bad panda :slight_smile:
It’s unusual - nice:thumbsup:


Wow ! Nice !


lol nooo pandas are good :cry: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Totally cool concept, Style and compostion


Wow…a very vitaminized bloody panda!!!

wonderfull work!!!


Awesome image, lol. Great stuff, keep it up!:thumbsup:


Looks fantastic Cyb. I love the look on Lord Pandas face. Classic Japanesse Monstrosity. Devestating and cute. And I like the subtly of the planes, adds the human element into it, even though you can’t see them, you know they’re there.

Keep it up. I wanna see more.


Love the concept…it’s not everyday you get to see a panda on the verge of destruction…The composition is worked out well


I enjoyed this immensely. Goony goon.


Peculiar composition but works perfectly.
Great work man, my only (little) crit is on the jet trails, seems that they are flying too slow.


behold the invasion of evil,very good sense of humor,if only the impression on panda’s face was a little evil and there was a crowd runing around with fear I guess it would be a laughing bomb,that means a different composition wtih the same concept but it would be worth to change a little,for me no word on technique and nothing else to critique,verry work


i love it. good work.


The idea is so out of place that it almost brings a smile to everybody who sees it. I really love the sign saying Big Bear which totally fits with the comical style of the scene.