Newborn, Miguel Fuster (3D)


Title: Newborn
Name: Miguel Fuster
Country: España
Software: 3ds max, VRay

I´ve been working in this character some time ago, and i think was a good idea make a scene for he has birthday…


outstanding render,very nice surroundings,i thing your charcter is cartoonish and the background looks very natural,also the subject not getting attention,any way great render,like it very much,oh look that beautiful light rays and blur effect…:cool:


This is fantastic, I really like the use of colour. Making the character red holds the viewers attention nicely.



Very thx for your comments.
Really the first idea was make a short animation in this enviroments, and play with “reality” and “toon look”. Maybe in future i´ll make that animation.
Now i´m making small tests for check Rig and more…
You can try in this link


This is really well done! I love the animated short you posted. The character looks great and the scene looks amazing. :slight_smile:


Great post nice charecter good looking and a mooth and realisting rigging…

Good Job

Looking forward to see that anymation of yours :slight_smile:

See ya


Excellent. The background and grass are perfect! :applause:


very nice, I like your Idea.
I like details in this work, It create me happy …


I’m officially blown away! Wow that’s amazing! :thumbsup:


Great work, flawless detail and depth, I feel like I can reach my hand into the picture!


Liked this animation a lot. Very swift and lively.
This character is a superhit.


Wow, I love the rendring you achived. It looks awesome.


i liked the idea …

render and texture is grate
good luck


I would love to see this in an animation, everything is executed with perfection. Great job :slight_smile:


Cute character.


Very thx to all. :bounce:

Cheers !!


lovely colours and light and lensing.


Did you use MAX’s hair and fur plugin for the grass? :slight_smile:

Cobra 6


Pretty great work!!! Very nice idea, concept and rendering! Congrats.


Cobra6, all meshes are polymesh placed with scatter and free transformations, i haven´t used plugins for grass.
I think they are important objects in the image and i needed more control over they.