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Hello there,

As a new XSI user, let me say that XSI is an excellent program, so powerful and well designed. I’m definitely a converted user, just have to adapt to a new methods of doing things.

What’s the fast method for moving points? I find myself hitting esc or F7 then v then esc to grab more points, then v, etc. There must be an easier way to do this properly? I just want to grab points, move them, then grab more points without having to hit v each time. Is there a Supra mode for select and move at the same time?

Probably a preference somewhere.

Thanks for your help!



Try “M”

It works niiiiiice! :thumbsup:

Another thing… instead of hitting V… then escape… select… then V… then escape… etc

Just select points, press and hold V… move the points… release V… select points… etc…

This works pretty well, when your going to constrain to an axis or plane (especially w/ manipulators).


Yes “m” is very nice, especially in view mode. Now when editing a subdivided object in this manner the selected “cage” point also moves is it possible to disable this?? I just ordered today got license but no manuals yet.

Hey just wanted to say thanks everyone for putting up with all of us displaced lightwavers, in time these request will fade as the charm of XSI sets in.


Is it possible to move multiple points at once using “m”?

I’ve recently switched over from Max and I also am very used to not having to switch constantly between 2 tools to select, then transform componets.


I’m curious to know how Max knows whether you want to select or translate if not using at least 1 keypress as Jdex described. Short of using a transform manipulators, of course. And I think another recent thread described how you can set the transform manipulator tool to act as Selection when the mouse is outside the range of the manipulators.

And no, you can’t use multiple points using “m”… but that’s what “V” does essentially.


You can though. Select the points you want to move, press “m” and then turn on Proportional falloff and the Right click the Prop button to bring up the PPG, click Tagged Points Only and adjust the falloff profile so that you have a flat curve at 1.00 on the left hand scale. Now adjust the radius so it affects all the points you’ve selected. Once you’ve got this setup you can use “m” to toggle move point on or off so you can select other points to move.



Heh, true. :smiley:




Use 3D Manipulators <checked>

Click Outside Manipulator
(Drop Box) Choose “Select Tool”


Thanks Jdex :slight_smile:


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