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Hello! Um… I’m sort of new to animation master and 3d art. I’ve been playing around with free 3d apps since i was like 10 and I’m still not that good at modelling. I’m currently 13 and when I grow older I want to work at Pixar or ILM. I find 3d fascinating and would appreciate it if anyone gave me a few pointers and tips in animation master. I recently purchased animation master at comic con and they were kind enough to give me a free copy of the siggraph 2002 training videos. I’ve peen playing around with AM for a day now and it seems like a great app, but I’m still having a hard time modelling. I also have a problem, when I use undo frequently AM closes instantly, anyone know why? Thanks for any help.:slight_smile:


For the best introduction to modeling with Hash splines, you’ll want to check out the “Basic Splinemanship” tutorials located here:

For a comprehensive character creation tutorial, try here:

If you are running a Windows system, you’ll probably want to read the AM Tips here (he discusses undo in there along with a lot of other stability improving practices):

If you don’t already have David Rogers’ book on AM, it’s a fantastic resource and has updates on his website to keep it up to the current version. His book is here:

David Rogers’ site is here:

There are links to loads of tutorials at Sherwood’s Forest here:

However, Sherwood’s Forest is going to be replaced soon by the “A:M Resource Matrix” located here:

For commercial tutorials, you could check out these sites:

A couple of other resources you might check out are:

The AM Mailing list search engine

The AM Glossary

Hope these help.


Umm… is there any way someone could move this last post to the ‘favorite tutorials’ thread? It pretty much covers everything that a new person could want…


sherwood willbe going under, here is a new link A:M Resource Matrix


I find using too many Ctrl-Z (undo) too swiftly will cause a crash. Slow it down a bit and it is mores table. I try not to rely on going more than about 3-4 steps back even when it works. Saving your work often is a much better insurance!


Wow, thanks guys. This is some great info, I’m going to work hard so that that I can be a great animator like you guys.:slight_smile: I also have another problem though, when I make a new rotoscope, animation master seems to slow down a lot. It becomes very slow when a rotoscope is open. When a rotoscope isn’t open it runs fine. Any ideas why? Thanks again for all the help. My system specs are, if needed to find a solution to my problem:
Athlon XP 1800+
80 GB
512 MB Ram
msi kt333
geforce 4 mx 420 64mb
sblaster audigy 2


To improve performance go to tools>options and tick off the grid for the modelling, choreography and action windows, remember to keep models at the lowest setting of real time subdivisions (page down button) or use wireframe mode and if rotos are causing problem you might want to check out the compressed storage option in the rotoscope properties. The image might just be very large too, check it out in a paint program and maybe resize it down and use that, after all you’re only using it for modelling reference so it doesn’t need to be hi rez…


Originally posted by daft
sherwood willbe going under, here is a new link A:M Resource Matrix

Well Damn! I used to use Sherwood’s Forest a lot when I was learning this app…extremely helpful site…and this redesign looks great. Well done.


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