Newbie struggling with Lofting


Hi All!
I am struugling with lofting as a new technique in creating an Airbus airliner. I am doing the fuselage. I wanted to apply an image but I don’t know where the url is and how to refer it there. I have all the elements (circle shapes) on the floor (Top View)and the spline path is a simple straight line from the nosecone to the tailpiece. When I click “Get Shape” and select the first tiny circle for the nose cone, it resizes to a much large cylinder. Would appreciate some advice. Junior


Before we can answer, I think you left out one important detail… Which software are you using?


try it again… never had the proble you have, that shapes get another size…

it will reposion do, so you will have to set you lofted piece back at the point you want it, also… you can modifie your loft, check those paramters to. i advice you to open a new project, and try some lofting, look what you might have dont wrong, and maybe setup the thing you wanted again.


I agree, sounds like you are using max which is also my program of choice.

Hmmm… I think I did a mock up of what you did…

  • did you scale the different circles? If so, I think the program would treat it as if nothing happened.

  • also "Deformations -> scale " and/or by going in the modifier stack (Loft -> shape) to edit the scale of your loft should help.

{{ The version of Max might matter…}}

If you need more info you can PM me.


Sorry all. Forgot to mention the software and the version. It’s 3D Studio Max 7. I will try the suggestions. I did scale the circles running down the aircraft as the body is not perfectly circular. I cloned most of the circles as “copy”. I made a path running down the length from nose to tail of the fuselage and began the lofting process from the smallest tip of the nosecone working my way backwards. As I select the first small circle from tthe tip of the nosecone it’s diameter re-sized up to approximately the centre of the fuselage. (the biggest diameter) running the ful length of the aircraft. Any subsequent selections also re-sized. I will try all the suggestions and "report back. Thanks very much.



Yea, I use 5.1-
I think if you made seperate circles of different sizes or using the scale deformations (might be easier for you to control) you should be ok.


Even i am having the same problem. Please help.


Please list each step you take when doing this. The method that I’ve suggested should work. If you are to tell me each step you take, I might be able to see a flaw in your method.


Thankyou Jabzx for your reply. Sorry i could not reply earlier because a lost this thread and after hours of serching i have found this.

I think you are right that if we copy and scale the circles and try to use them as shapes then it creates problem . We can try for making different shapes in the case of circle and align them. But when we are not using any standard shape like circle, square etc, then what to do? It is quite difficult to make exactly same shape again.

Please help. This is creating a lot of problem.


if you scale your circle shape and try to loft it, regardless of the size you see on the screen, Max remembers the size of the original circle and lofts that size. You need to go in and reset the XForm in order for the resizing to work with the loft.


I believe you are correct. But you were unclear on how to do that. I’ve never needed to reset the XForm- I need to try that out one day…

Newuser- Are you able to use the scale deformations in your project, if you want the same ratio throughtout the entire loft, that option will work perfectly. Just add points on the graph that appears and move the points to correctly scale your loft.


Thankyou Jabzx and BlackL1ghtn1ng for your reply.
Its working :bounce: if we add Xform modifier and do the rescaling and then collapse the stack.
Jabzx: Scale deformation is working in my file but i required scaling to be non-uniform. But it is definately a very nice methord.


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