newbie rendering


Hi there I’ve been playing around getting some of my models into messiah
for rendering :slight_smile:

What I’d really like to have a clue on is - what settings should I tweak
to get smooth MonteCarlo GI?
I’d really love to see what quality I can get out of it, even on a very small scale with the demo.

Also can anyone please inform me if messiah supports normal maps and if you’re getting good results
out of that?


Heya, that head looks familiar! :wink:

For a nice GI setting I’ve found that changing the ‘GI Samples’ from 3 to about 6 and then I have the ‘GI Depth’ at 2. Not sure if that’s the best but it works out pretty well for my renders while I’m testing out Messiah. Messiah does support normal maps but I have not had the opportunity to test that out yet, when Silo 2.0 has the normal map export I will have a go at it though.

Here’s a render sample with those GI settings and I deleted the distant light and created a sphere light to get a nice soft shadow.

Rendered Result


pnoland settings :slight_smile:


Hey pnoland thanks a lot :slight_smile:
Really nice door by the way.

Yes the Silo+Messiah combo could become even more excellent soon.
Mostly for organic stuff though.
I’ll have to see after the upgrade, like before next year even, who knows :slight_smile:


Another mini render. Yes getting a glimpse I think.
Ok now I know what to fiddle with.

I’ll have to finish both the model and the render someday :wink:
Love the concept art.


Adjusted light intensity.
64 x sampling also


Don’t forget to enable shadows, looking sharper though. :slight_smile:


My favourite.
Ok adjusting the camera also helps?
16x sampling.

pmg I’m sold :stuck_out_tongue:

PNoland thanks.


Cool :slight_smile:

Also, it’s hard to tell from the render size but make sure you have the model subdivided for a better render. When the model is selected (mmb to select it) press the tab key on your keyboard. Be carefull though, if you have any polygons that have more then 4 sides Messiah’s subdivision will freak out and make the model look distorted. But, if you keep to quads you’re golden. :slight_smile:


Another mini render :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip.
Yup messiah render is freaking out and it does need mesh refining prior to export I think.
But really just kidding round and seeing how nice it would be to use this software for rendering future finished work. Note it’s jusst the demo hence the tiny size :slight_smile:


Here’s the last of the mini render tests.

Using Monte Carlo GI and pushing sampling to x16.
Yes I’m keeping messiah on my sights :slight_smile:


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