newbie questions


Hi guys. I just started working with Silo, and i have some questions for you:

  1. Is there an eficient/easy way to use refference images? The object must be wireframed/ghosted? The background must be made using a box or viewport images? (i have tried with a box, but i don’t know how to not select it all the time).

  2. Please tell me a easy workflow for modelling a car, a human or anything more complex with Silo. I get stuck on more complex objects…

  3. It there a way to add details on the existing mesh using topology? Creating a new object is fine, but there is a way to stick the new object in place of the old faces without ruining the geometry?

Any other tips and tricks from the masters of Silo will be welcome!

Thank you guys.


I don’t know if this would be helpfull.
1- Background images are cool for modeling with references. You set an image as a viewport image. You can move, scale this image and the display is really cool. You set one for front, left, and so on. Next you can model wih any display, wireframe, shade,…
2- For help about modeling a car or humans, look after any poly modeling tutorial. The process is always the same whatever software you’re using.
3- The topology brush is used to make a new object from an old one with a topology you want to change, so, if I understand what you want, you can use that tool to retopologize a part of your mesh, combine the 2 object, delete the old faces and attach the new ones with some merge vertex.

Another tip ? Read the forum at nevercenter, you can learn a lot of things there, and find tutorials dedicated to Silo.


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