newbie question - shading?


Hi, sorry if this is a repetetive question. I read the four announcments and searched the forum, but couldn’t find the answer to this. I’m not sure what Maya calls what I’m looking for.

I’m switching from Truespace to Maya, and in Truespace you have the option to Facet shade, Auto Facet shade, or Smooth shade an object. Now, these aren’t part of the actual shader, these settings are different. I’ve been looking around in Maya for a couple hours now and can’t seem to find the equivalent to this. Basically, it would be similar to the Smooth Groups in 3ds Max.

I imported a 3ds mesh and it seems to have automatically Facet shaded it. Is this information in the shader itself? Or somewhere else? I don’t know the UI all that well yet. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


edit polygons->normals->soften/harden

there you are




Ah! Thanks so much. I appreciate it a lot.


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