newbie question about editing motion path


Hey all,

First of all let me say CGtalk has been a superb discovery! Kind of reminds me of were-here for Flashers.

Anyway, I’ve been teaching myself discreet combustion and have run into a problem involving editing motion paths. The tutrial and help files I’ve been reviewing simply say to select the arrow tool and click and drag either the keyframe or bezier handle in the motion path in order to modify it. I’ve tried this over and over and with every attempt the same thing happens; I move the object itself, not the keyframe or bezier handle.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks guys!



It seemed to work for me last time I tried to do that… wierd. you could either try editing the curves in the timeline, or knock back a couple of drinks to steady those hands a bit :smiley: (it always works for <hic> me) :wink:


Hey Chris,

Thanks so much for your prompt reply! Well I started a new test project to see if tere would be any difference in results and suprisingly enough, I could move the keyframes and handles with no problem. Don’t know what the problem was, corrupt file or something? I don’t know.

Thanks again for your help. By the way, I saw a posting where someone was saying Combustion was not really similar to flame or inferno. Do you know anything about either of those programs? The whole reason behind me getting Combustion was to familiarize myself with the interface. Any thoughts?




I’ve only ever seen them not actually worked on them, I saw that post too, & I dont know if I agreed with it. They obviously quite different, but good knowledge of combustion is going to go quite a way towards learning FFI. The colour corrector, keyer, tracker etc looks pretty much the same. It would be the expressions, particles & the differences in the schematic view that would be the biggest hurdle IMO. If you know all the foundations of compositing through combustion I personally dont think it would take me long to get up to speed with them… :slight_smile:



Thanks for the reassurance, I was a bit nervous that the interfaces would be completely different. I didn’t think it would make much sense for a company to drastically change the layout of interfaces between programs, seemed counter-intuitive to me.

Well thanks again and happy compositing!



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