Newbie Illustrator Looking for Critiques!


Hi people, my name is Anderson Maia, I’ve been picking some freelance work as an illustrator since 2016, but I’m not really happy about my progress right now.
Until last year I could see my growth as an artist, I’m certainly not some great draftsman/painter by any means, by I could see my own improvement. However this year I’m feeling stuck. I can’t move forward, I’m feeling lost and feel that every single piece I do sucks. This year I only got very few jobs and I’m feeling pretty down right now.
So I’m posting some of my paintings in here and in other places to get some critiques, see what my shortcomings really are, where I’m failing harder, what should I study more and, hopefully, get some tips to help me get better. These are paintings I’m actually kinda proud of, but please be honest, if you think they suck please tell me but also elaborate a bit on why do you think they suck.
To see more of my work and maybe get a better perspective of the whole, you can visit my portfolio at .

Thanks in advance people and sorry for my lacking english!


Looks like your a frazzeta fan! I am, but if you are I would say your at that point you have to be critical with youruself and push the anatomy further. Your anatomy doesn’t look bad but if it is 80% of the character design these days it has to be close to perfection because it is the thing you are selling. If I were in your shoes I would focus on 2 classes this year or Two practice habbits if you have the discipline the issue is you seem to be at a point where you could use the input and advice of someone very strong to advise you.

Life drawings can be super cheap at a local college if you havent tried them out if so ignore my advice. just go a few times to know what to look for and practice on your own

costume design and color pallet. taking a look at modern trends in fashion and film will help a lot here or going the opposite direction and mixing cultural inputs and color pallets to make your work look more in sync with todays trends

I would say youre to good to sit still and not push yourself but i would say you likely need help as most of us could burrow the eyes of someone else for the sticky spots we need to get past!


Hi Travis, thanks for your help! I will certainly keep studying anatomy even harder and will try to become acquainted with today’s trends. I guess I’m too attached to my old idols (Frazetta, Brom, Elmore, Caldwell, etc, etc) to actually look into whatever is being produced nowadays. Maybe I should spread my artistic vision a bit more.