Newbie : Glass study


About 4 years ago, I actually used to be pretty good at traditional art…
I really wanted to start up again - This is my first serious attempt at using Photoshop for handdrawn artwork.
Two hours later, and this results:

What on earth possessed me to try glass, I have no idea. It turned out to be pretty tricky.
It’s a bit messy. I’d like to put that one down to my own individual style, but I suspect it’s more likely a newbie attempt to cover up errors. If you’ve got any tips on how to avoid being messy, let me know…

I must admit, it didn’t look anything nearly as interesting as this until 15 minutes ago, when I started hacking around with channel ops and equalizers. It’s about 500% more vibrant now :slight_smile:

Anyway - gimme crits. I wanna know everything that’s wrong with it. :slight_smile:

[EDIT: Interesting… What color palette do I have to put photoshop in so that it looks identical in IE?]

[EDIT Mrk II : Nevermind. I was comparing them on different monitors.]


If you want to keep things tidy, remember, lots of layers and use layer masks. This will help you get sharp, crisp edges.
Having said that, I don’t think this drawing would benefit from sharp, crisp edges. It has a nice charm to it as it is.


Hehe, I didn’t know that photoshop had a raytracer.
Nice work. I would suggest distorting that white form a little more, rather than just blurring it. :thumbsup:


Hmm…thanks for the crits. Maybe I’ll try my next one at huge resolution, to reduce the scale of the messyness…
Puddlefish - like your current challenge. How were the first sketches done? Are they in photoshop or on paper?


They’re all Photoshop from scratch with an Intuous 2 Wacom.


Is that your working resolution? Could I see a sample of the full resolution?

[EDIT: Ah. Found this:

10,000 pixels square,

Hmmm…that’s quite big. Maybe a small section of a sample then? :slight_smile:
Thinking about it, this is decidedly off topic. Maybe I should move to your challenge thread. ]


Could you post a version BEFORE you started to fiddle with the channels and equalizers ? please ? please ?


Erk. It’s pretty plain looking…but…oh what the hell. Here you go. Start the mocking.


As i thought : i like the one before the equalizing better, the equalized version is somewhat too “rainbow-ish” for me. Wich program did u use to do this ? Or is it real material ?


It’s entirely Photoshop.


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