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I’d like to get into modeling for gaming but before i start i’d like to know how many faces i can use for a realtime game nowadays.

For a game such as Quake3 and Unreal T. it should be maximum 800 faces, right?

How many faces can i use for non multiplayer games? What face count should i aim for, 2000? 3000? even more?

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800 is around what Steed used for the original Q3 models, but top end would be around 1500, at least according to polycount . The original UT male & female characters were somewhere around the 500-700 poly mark. Again check polycount for figures. As for non multiplayer games, it will depend mainly on the genre & type of game, although various other factors can come into play like the engine used, target system etc. Beat em up characters will usually rank highest, as there are usually no more than 2-3 players visible at any one time. Games with more characters onscreen will have to share the polycount between them, meaning less for each individual character.
If this is for portfolio work, your best bet is to do a range of characters, all with different polycounts, possibly some with LOD’s too. Do one at about 500 polys, one at 1000, one at 3500, or whatever etc. This way you show a skill level at a variety of polycounts.


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Face count completely depends on what type of game it is. DOA3 and RE reserve most of the polys for the characters. In other games, the environment and craft play bigger roles.

IMHO, forget about building a low poly character. Just build a character, put everything in there. 10K or 50K. Whatever it takes. Model the wrinkles on the clothes, model the facial structure, as many triangles as you want. No arbitrary global smoothing cheats, tho. Make those triangles count (cos they still count!).

Then concentrate on effectively downrezing the same model to as low as you can get away with and still be animatable. Do a bunch of versions. If your app allows, put several different rezes into an LOD group from your highest to - heck, even 300 tris and test it out.

The trick is to do it cleanly. Start thinking more along the lines of FMV control meshes and sub-dsurface modeling techniques.

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