Newb Model:Spider Robot Thing


Hello as you can see this is my first post and actually about my 4th model in my life :smiley: , I am new to everything I guess. Anyway I started working on this earlier today and after about 5 hours i was convinced that I was tired :bounce: , so I bounced my way to the kitchen. Anyway here it is, I know it completly sucks but hey like I said my 4th model.






Program Used: Maya 6 Complete
OS Specs: 933MHZ 256 RAM MAC OSX v. 10.3.4

Comments much appreciated, I would love to know how i can make this good. Thx.


My one (without having a textured version) concern is that there is nothing on the model to focus your eyes on. It’s a jumble of shapes and edges with no real focal point. My eyes kept wandering over the model trying to find something, anything, to hang on to. Maybe build some sort of eyes for it at the front? Maybe make the center piece of it, slight less jaggy? Variation is good, but it’s a little extreme in your model.


It is sort of chaotic.
But it looks pretty good, especially for a 4th model. Keep going.


lol i riged the legs, but im not good at texturing like i said im new so im going to put some rusty 3d texture, lol yah i took a look at it again and it does suck.


Well, you did a nice job with all of the detail… but like someone else said, it doesn’t really have a focal point. It just looks like wreckage or something to me.


ok cool so just like a photograph a model has to have a focal point thx keep em coming im learning so much


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