New York Street (WIP)


I’ve been wanting to make a street scene from New York for a long time so this is my attempt.
I still need to model the Chrysler building in the background, the buildings on the right and details on the Grand Central station and lots of small details on the street. The light setup is temporary.

Criticism and suggestions are welcome. :slight_smile:


…Lookin’ good so far mister!!


Thanks Artdigital :slight_smile:

Here is a small update. I’ve added two buildings to the right and a few small details on the road and buildings.


Good work so far.
Some critique, maybe you are still going to add this but I think your ground plane which includes the road , sidewalks and base of the buildings is too perfectly flat. Look at any photo reference of a street and you will notice slight iregularities in height, sometimes you percieve a road as being flat but if you take a closer look the whole road could be bulging up at the center or ever so slightly sloped.


Thanks LinchpinZA. :slight_smile: Good point about the road. I’ve made the road and sidewalk a bit less regular and made it bulge up a bit at the center of the road. I don’t know if you can tell on this render.

I’ve also added two more buildings to the right. Next step is to model the Chrysler building in the background.


Nice update - bumpy roads and sidewalks belong to NYC. I think your traffic light can’t be correct, because the 43rd Street has one way traffic toward the viewer(while traffic on Madison Ave goes from right to left).

Looks like getting a superb street scenery!


Thanks Zokana :slight_smile: I had no idea the 43rd street only had 1 way traffic. I’ve fixed the traffic light.

And I’ve added the Chrysler building in the background.


Nice update, latter! Looks like getting a heavy scenery. Here some refs (you might have them already), useful evtl. for texturing the pavement: (copy&paste into new window if the URLs don’t work)
(note the iron slab at right, used as temporary pavement surface - typical for NY)


Nice work ! Very accurate. With the cars and every little details in the street it will look awesome. :thumbsup:


Looking really nice, loving it. This will look really cool.

What program are you using?


Thanks again Zokana. That is very useful. :slight_smile: I’ll put a lot of work into the road texture.

Cygnus-X, Thanks :wink:

MrConterno, Thank you. I am using 3ds max 10 and Vray.

I think I’ll add a car, but I don’t want to spend too much time modelling several different kinds of cars. Any suggestions to what kinds of car that would fit into this environment?


WOW i really like how this scene is coming along… If it is a model of a part in Manhattan then i would put a yellow cab in the scene it would be fitting seeing that you do see a lot of yellow cabs in Manhattan.


Onslaught_2000, thanks. Good idea. I’ll add a yellow cab. :slight_smile:

Small update… I’ve added more details to the street. (A muni meter and few signs.) Made the street a bit more narrow and added a building in the background.


looks great… awaiting textures :slight_smile:


AlexCo, Thanks

Another small update. I don’t know if the road should be more uneven.


Very nice texture! Evtl. a tiny little bit too bright. I think also that the surface is raised somewhat too much in the center of the road. I would try it with a more regular curve, slightly flatter.

Superb details already - it’s getting a stunning piece! :thumbsup:


Looks very nice, very detailed…good job thusfar


Zokana, thanks. :thumbsup: I’ve made the road a bit more flat and made the asphalt a bit darker. I think it helped. :slight_smile:

mastone, thank you. :slight_smile:

Here is a new update. Besides the changes already mentioned, I’ve changed the light and made the surfaces look wet. I’ve added 2 taxis.


Nice work!


Cool! Very nice pavement! The wet look is greatly done actually - the high contrast is a must of course, but the white paint is almost a bit too harsh, especially at left (while the red light could take more saturation - and maybe even a little blooming on the final render).

The cabs look fine. A crit could be the refections on the windows - the contrast there should be quite extreme IMO and some mirroring will be nice (when having the texture on the buildings). And evtl even more contrast on the area cleaned by the wipers.(they could be in an other position btw.)

Here a photo, showing beautiful yellow cab window reflections. Such a billboard on the roof of one of your cabs would be a nice detail btw.

Apropos details: That iron plate at right looks almost like floating - the effect is caused by the reflections on the road, but nonetheless distracting a bit. Oh, and some puddles would be nice - you need almost overknee-boots when walking in the rain in Manhattan (i’ve rarely seen larger and deeper puddles).

It’s getting a masterpiece! :thumbsup: