New York City considers ‘Freelance Isn’t Free’ Law


Getting paid can be one of the toughest aspects of working for yourself. Freelance workers don’t belong to powerful unions and sometimes fall through labor law cracks. Often working in creative fields centered in urban areas, they can be doubly squeezed by high cost of living.

So, in an effort to protect its creative class, New York is considering a new law that would make it easier for freelance workers to pursue delinquent clients.

Cited from: New York City considers ‘Freelance Isn’t Free’ Law - AvvoStories


to deal wtih that issue to a degree:

  1. ask for deposit 50% or more
  2. Make sure you have a contract signed
  3. make client singe approved media to close out sections at a time,
  4. mile stone payments to a collection agency ( I used them 2xs an got paid)
    6.make sure you complete the project as soon as possible if a project linger your losing money
    set a dead line if not done because of the client, your contact should state you have to charge hourly.
    keeping a project open means you can only do so much work = lost money
  5. no checks online payment s only add your processing fee
  6. don’t hand over original files that’s a lot more money

my thoughts


Looks like freelancing is getting more complex now


This law is a great idea in theory, and it’s exciting to see that the issue has gotten that much traction lately. That being said, I wonder if it will actually change that much for our industry? A lot of those “clients” that skipping out on their bills will likely also think nothing of ignoring the law all-together. I wonder how many freelancers are going to stand firm on it?

Regardless, it’s an awesome step in the right direction.


The times I’ve been stiffed in the past were always because the company filed chapter 11, and when they do that, you pretty much have no recourse. You can try small claims court, but the chances of getting any money back is next to zero.