New Xpresso Presets


Hi all,
i collected some of my Xpresso presets and bundled them in a library.
It includes Matrix, String and other handy operations
They can be found in the Xpresso section on

Have fun


Thank you very much.:thumbsup:


Thankyou Björn, another beer is on the tap. :beer:

Cheers, Al.


Many thanks!


I loaded it in the library/xnode and restarted Cinema but it doesn’t show?
Any hints?



Hm, should show in the X-Pool on the left side of the Xpresso editor. What is listed there?


I see what I think is the default stuff:
System Operators
System Presets

And inside those what I think is the standard sets.


Please try the load preset command from the X-Pool menu. It allows to load xgr files directly without restarting CINEMA. What version are you using, the preset was made using 9.521


R9.521 Mac. No luck loading via X-Pool. When I dloaded I got a “collection1.xgr.txt” file.
I deleted the “.txt” part. Maybe if I could try with a zipped file?



Good call, please try again, i exchanged the xgr with the zipped version


There we go! Thanks a lot.



This may be slightly off topic but I noticed Lennart’s post about the .txt extensions.
Lately that’s been happening to a number of C4d scene file downloads that I’ve downloaded.

Since I just upgraded Cinema to 9.521 and OSX to Tiger 10.4.4, all at the same time, I can’t tell where the trouble is. Tiger or Cinema? Most often just deleting the .txt extension solves the problem though.

Food for thought :slight_smile:


I didn’t know you could download files with Cinema. :wink:
The problem is with what you do the download, not Cinema or OSX. I’m asuming you are using Safari since I get the same result. Try using Firefox or Netscape. Or, just change the .txt to .c4d in the Get Info panel of each file. :slight_smile:


I currently do that. :smiley:

Do all your Cinema files retain the Cinema icon or do you have some Cinema file icons that look like a blank sheet of paper? Every C4d created file I download comes across with the .txt extension and never gets the correct icon. Also, when I create a new file in Cinema and save it then make some adjustments to it and do a ‘save as’ the same thing happens to the icon. The combination of these things led me to think it was in the way Cinema was saving files rather than a Safari issue.

I’ve some friends who swap Flash .fla files with me and I don’t get the .txt extensions when downloading those.


I’ve found that downloading an uncompressed file (.c4d for example) by clicking on the link causes Safari to open the file instead of downloading it.
“Saving file” from Safari will usually restore the the opened file to a normal .c4d file.
Alternatively, just Control+click on the link and use the “Save linked file to …”

Zipped or .Sit files download normally by clicking the link.
The original file downloaded and installed OK into Cinema 8.5.



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