NEW weekly tut and tool thread !


The LW site has over 80 tuts with many more on the way…gotta love it!


I can’t WAIT till after exams,

A warning to all tutorials out there!

i’ll be hunting you down soon! :applause:

mwahaha! heheh!


boy there is allot of info here

yes i am having difficulty setting up a rig for a Mech machine i have built
and it would be great if we could get something going on rig set up’s


I’ve been talking about presenting a tutorial for ages now. Or at least a week! THe cgChallenge was perfect for part one, so now part two is delayed.
Feedback welcome! Hope it helps some and amuses others!


This is a GREAT tut!


cman: thanks!


I agree with Cman! Excellent work, Dobermunk. :thumbsup:



time for some new tutorials no? :scream:


thedaemon: Gotcha!


do they have Lightwave 7 manual anywhere in PDF format??


Originally posted by sebek27
do they have Lightwave 7 manual anywhere in PDF format??

Yeah…go here:


New tutorial: Corrective Morphs


nice tutorial mike, I always learn from your tutes. Staight forward and to the point. keep them coming!!



Wow… I’ve learned a ton by browsing this thread! Thank you guys! :smiley:

[Kicks Max, takes LW… ;)]


I’ve just updated my LW modeling tut

covers a lot of turf.


riki: I just have to say that collection you have going there is one of the best I’ve seen-- visually clean, informationally concise, and well-worded. Keep it up! :thumbsup:


Hi thanks Psyhke, it’s great to get some positive feedback, I’m diving into Spline Modeling now, so please check back for regular updates.


thanks your tutor are great!!!

when about splines???

ican´t waittttt;)

thanks again


Hi thanks, I did a small update with some intro info on splines, plus some other new stuff in the mix. I’ll be working on int over the weekend so check back if you get some time.