NEW weekly tut and tool thread !



thanks for the link. that was exactly the one i was looking for.


hi guys …
im new to lightwave 7
can u give me some cool links. for begin Lightwave …



What kind of links? comes to mind for all kinds of links: Tips, Tutorials, and of course hundreds (thousands?) of free and commercial plugins.


Originally posted by Julez4001

Might wanna try this plugin for wraping stuff, too.

Man, I would love to give this plug a try… too bad is for PC only…


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[B]I’m making some tutorials, well more than tutorials are modeling techniques… you know those little tricks :wink: that we use when we model.

Here are 3 examples, they are not finished but close enough

adding detail


disc to 4 side polys

I think it would be really nice if all of you people share those kind of tricks. [/B]

Gracias por las técnicas. Muy interesante y fácil de seguir. Buen trabajo!!!


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[B]hi guys …
im new to lightwave 7
can u give me some cool links. for begin Lightwave …

:bounce: [/B]

Here’s a bunch of links previously posted:

Originally posted by Chewey
So what happened to the old tutorial sticky thread? There were quite a few good links in it.

Why not repost all those links within a single post here so they can be accessed.

Good Idea, Chewey, why not just do something yourself?

hmm…?? ???

Okay here they are in a short form with brief comments and credits to the submitters!

First of all if you are completely clueless on the basics of Lightwave and feel you just have to post a really simple, basic question that you can’t take the time to figure out on your own, this link should be required reading for you

Of course, no list would be complete without
the ultimate in Lightwave newbie help,
the actual Lightwave 7.5 pdf manual!
Who woulda thunk it?
submitted by Chewey

A tutorial for setting up leg skelegons in modeler
and converting and rigging them in layout with a
reverse foot setup.
submitted by Mike RB

UV texturing in Lightwave By Max Glick
submitted by Fuzer

Todd Grimes updated character tutorial:
submitted by Mike RB

Philip Meyer’s JD Bottle tutorial. submitted by yog

I have a few tutorials on my website, feel free to check 'em out:
submitted by Mgfx

BAROBA’s tutorials
submitted by BAROBA

more nice rigging rigging tuts !
submitted by Chewey

Another one
submitted by The Ripper

this site has some interesting lightwave tutorials.
submitted by [msf]

Modeling Tutorials
submitted by AnimaLMotheR

nice modeling videos in the tutorial section of this site:
submitted by policarpo

lot of great tut’s
submitted by Galo

Another multi tutorial link site with other stuff!
submitted by Chewey

submitted by Chewey

heres 2 really quick 7.5 tutorials.
One on getting sliders to behave and hide when not in use,
as well as hooking up more than one value to a single slider.
submitted by Mike RB

This next one is cool, you can use Motion Mixer weight curves
on overlapping motions to create a pose bank that you can access
by sliders. Pose mixer anyone?
submitted by Mike RB


There is a plugin on this informative page


Cman, the link i posted before, and the one which u included in your list above, doesnt work anymore.

But, there is no need for alarm. This is the new link. :slight_smile:

Awesome tutorials there. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


i have no idea if this linka has been posted but im sure it wont be any problem if i post it cause i find the tutorials really nice:


I’ve been asked a bit on what plugins I find necessary for working with lw so I’ll put my answer here, keep in mind my interests are in character modeling and animation, I’m sure there are a million useful plugins for texturing and rendering and blowing cars up, but I wont get into those.


Keytrak by Spatial Design (Mark Brown, the motion mixer guy)
(Makes character animation non tedious in layout for a bunch of reasons)


Edgetool by Dstorm
(great to add detail to meshes, make sure only one layer is in the FG, or it may crash, complain)

Point Rail Selector by 3DD
(selects edgeloops)

Key Rest Pose by Anthony Ramirez
(great script to recover a bones rest pose if you’ve messed it up, remember we only have 1 undo, this can save the day somtimes)

Part of LW:


Set Map Value
Clear Map
Copy Map


Parent in Place
Custom Item Shape
Replace Object
Motion Mixer
Follower Motion Plugin
Orient Constraints Motion Plugin
Point Constraints Motion Plugin
Graph Editor


I love your choice of tools, my preferred tools also, except for the keytrak thingy, but Im getting that sometime next week.


Hey Mike, just finished watching your head modelling video. One thing keeps puzzling me. I’ve noticed you make your cuts on one side of the model then somehow update the other side with the changes. Last time I remembered the symmetry tool doesnt let you do that. BTW great stuff!!


Mike RB- thanks for the links, as for your tool list, I can’t believe you left off Extender, Knife, and Bevel in Modeler! Smooth Shift is a blessing, IMHO.

I have a feeling this thread is going to help all of us an incredible amount. Just scanning through it, the amount of knowledge in this one thread is just great… and sort of humbling but that’s a personal thing. :beer:



hey those tuts from yhall give broken links…
i’d like to see though…

great threat!!!


and oh yeah…

I’d like to see a tut on complex uv mapping on oganic models.
That’s what i’m trying to figure out right now.


I’m sorry for those broken links
I’m working in my new web and It still not fully operational
Try this


thank’s yahll,

funny how I came up with some same techniques (the box for uv mapping…)
some great tricks. thank’s:thumbsup:


With all the flurry going on with tuts at newteks site, I thought I’d bump this thread up and ask “Why not post stuff about tuts in this sticky ‘TUT and tool’ thread?” Seems like that’s what its suppose to be here for.



I’ll start posting tut updates here…so for starters…go see what we’ve been real busy putting together every day…


:bounce: I liked the idea of a tutorial of a character rigging setup from start to finish with cloth, I can never quiet get it right myself.

BTW does anyone know of a good tutorial on DVD with regards to Animation Character Setup???