NEW weekly tut and tool thread !


Sorry about that, but you plugin still been faster :slight_smile:
Yep, I discover freeze one nearly by mistake :thumbsup: and now I use it a lot


That dern edit button again! :slight_smile:

What’s the story with your “trees” tut? :applause:


It’s a huge tutorial about making trees with magic bevel an the leaves using point clone+… I have find out how to apply the uv to the leaves after cloning
It’s nearly finished

I was thinking about a new plugin combining the freeze technique with your script MultiMerge_v2.1 (It should weld every 3 points) and somethig to create the middle polys.
Actually if that can be done i think that there is way of creating a plugin that allows you to increase the level of detail as much as you want in some selected polygons.
What do you think?


Sounds cool of course!
The Multimerge is open source of course, so if you’ve got ideas, have at it!

But that would be cool to select a ring of points and have a mesh created inside there that you can interactively dial up the detail! =)


Originally posted by yahll
[B]It’s a huge tutorial about making trees with magic bevel an the leaves using point clone+… I have find out how to apply the uv to the leaves after cloning


Don’t use Point Clone +

Make your initial leaf object/poly and create it’s uv map. Then use “Particle Clone” instead if you want to have your cloned object’s uv mapping included in the cloned objects.


Yep, but Particle Clone is not as complete as Point Clone +,
and as I said there is a way of applying the uv:

-just create a 2 point poly at each vertice of the leaf and give them a different name.
-merge those polys with the leaf.
-Point Clone+
-Apply a planar UV to all the leafs.
-Now you can fix the UV map by selecting the 2 point polys.



Particle clone is pretty limited. I’m not following your procedure very well though. Maybe a picture would help.


Yep, is pretty hard to explain and my English doesn’ help ;).

First create the 4 control points, each one with a different surface name (top left, top right, bottom…).
The poly in the background is the leaf.

Now merge those polys with the leaf and use point clone +
Then create the UV for all the leafs. So you get something like this

Now with the statistics select the those polys with the surface name Top_Left
and strech them to the top left of the UV map.

The same fot the top right, bottom left…

When you are finished with the UV map remove the one point polys and that’s it, all the leafs share the same UV

Tricky, isn’t it?


That’s pretty clever! I’m not sure you need to use uv mapping for the leaves though. You might be able to just use planar mapping.


yahll: in adding detail tutorial you use add edge tool… so is it a plug in or something? It’s just that i can’t find it from modeler even i looked through the whole command list.



edge tool is free tool provided by DStorm. A great plugin developer from Japan!
Find it on



Yep, it comes with lw 7.5, but you can get it atDstorm if you are using lw6


I seam to remember that “clonez” is like pointclone+, except hat it is meant to keep UV deta intact.


Yahll, i think it only works with lightwave 7b or above, i dont think it will work under lw6…

fistro pecador…

angel navarro


That’s too bad.
I’m also was wrong, I doesn’t come with 7.5, I thought so but I did’t realise that I added all the plugins after installing 7.5,

:rolleyes: I thought that I’t was amazing all the little utilities that they added, but those where my own plugins… I’m know I’m kind of silly:surprised


yahill, great tutorials, they’re the kind of little tricks that helps a lot and take only 30 seconds to read and understand, cleverly done!!!

and your leaf uv technique is great, you can apply the very same procedure with non square things (leaves with 7 points or things like that) and quickly get a great uv texture!

thx again for making my life easyer!!!


Hi everybody,

I agree with Daymeare. It will be nice if we could make the entire process (the model, rig and animation)

[]s rodrigo.ribeiro


Yahll: Hi… Nice tutorials. A question on the second organic modelling – After the Unweld step, how does one move only the specific points required to create the empty space shown in your picture?..



Thanks, I’m glad it helped

Lots of people are having problem with that step,
What you need to do is select the two middle polygons and unweld (cltr+u), then with those polygons still selected use drag point (ctrl+t) to move the points in.
…I have to include this in the tutorial.:slight_smile:


Okay-- I was doing the unwelding in Point mode. I still seemed to have one further problem, which was that in attempting to make polygons in those empty spaces § I couldn’t avoid selecting multiple (unwelded) points – so I merged points (m), and that works fine – Is this what you suggest?

Your tips are timely for me as I have just been in the process of trying to figure out how to make localized detail in sub-d mode (after struggling a bit with that fact that LW is not compatible with n-gons in that mode).